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In ruins and the surviving Aeons hide in every corner of the worldNahlia is a librarian's apprentice who's obsessed with Aeon lore She'd read about their powers but s A Little Dinner Before the Play powers but s

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The Lost Redeemer (Aeonica #1)

He never imagined she would wield themBut when the Templars attack her family Nahlia is forced to infiltrate a secret academy and rise beyond everything she's ever kno

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Aeons once ruled the world with a power called Ethermancy They reigned for centuries until a faction of humans called the Templars overthrew them Now their empire lays Breeds of Men power called Ethermancy They reigned for centuries until a faction of humans called the Templars overthrew them Now their empire lays

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    Fun concept

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    In as few words as possible attempting to minimize annoying hyperbolic praise this was a very clever well told action packed hooked from the first chapter loved the nuanced characters and their growth arch beginning of a saga that deserves to be praised and well circulated A few things I particularly liked Generally I skip scenes and paragraphs that describe fighting I skim looking for some sort of action that is essential to the story rather than building suspense for suspense’s sake I did not skim one fight scene because they all were essential to the plot or development of the characters Not one instance of the Mel Gibson esue “see the brutality of my wounds and physical pain and how I continue to fight through it even as it attempts to defeat me” Fight scènes important not fluffThe protagonists beginning with Nahlia and her father were flawed The simple kind of flaws that everyone carries not tragic hero flaws Nahlia is helplessly naive but not simply innocent Thane underestimates his opponents and over estimates his skills Noble Elias fails to defend his twin sister though he understands her motivations and resentments They all painfully grow as a result of their weaknessesAlthough this is book one of a series it is a complete book It ends when it should end when it has told the story it set out to tell No cheap cliff hanger although the ending leaves the reader breathlessly searching for the next book which to my happy surprise was only recently completedThis is a slightly violent book but not salaciously violent I don’t recall any cursing though there may have been an ass or hell in there which I wouldn’t have even noticed This book is an exciting read for adults and kids

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    I read the initial book that you published on Wattpad Loved it then I am sure the re write is even better Super excited to read your upcoming work