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Trump's story Art of Kindle #210 begins when many real estate moguls went belly up in what he calls the Great Depression Trump The ePUB #10003 of Trump reveals how he renegotiated millions of dollars in bank loans and survived the recession paving the The Art of PDFEPUB #195 way for a resurgence during which he built the most successful casino operation in Atlantic. 222016The Iowa CaucusSeems to have lost focusElse why would they dumpA winner like TrumpBut he ll be back in a hurryNone of you worryBecause it s just his fateTo make America great1022016What did I sayHip hip hoorayTrump s on fireIn New HampshireAfter biting the dustHe did not go bustNow he s leading the packThis is the art of comeback22022016South Carolina saysThat Donald should be PrezHe s trumped all the restIn the presidential uestNow it seems sureThat Trump will endure The charm of this manIs not a flash in the pan24022016The Donald Trump armadaJust steamrolled NevadaAll resistance is brokenThe people have spokenWhether the right winger cheersor the liberal sheds tearsOne thing is clearThe White House is near02032016Though his enemies mayReact with dismayAfter Super TuesdayIt s Trump all the wayIt seems nothing canStop this supermanEndorsed by the KlanMuslims he ll ban The terrorist hordeHe ll en masse waterboard Stop Mexico s gallWith an impenetrable wall Finish off the ISISThough it s not clear how he ll do thisSo get ready to jumpClick your heels and say Heil Trump07032016Though the liberal newsSays nothing much to chooseBetween Trump and CruzThere are different viewsSo at Saturday s resultsThe Establishment exultsThey say Trump can be stoppedHis campaign s as good as floppedPoor fools Scarce you knowThe lengths Trump will goTo become the presidentThe truth s self evidentHe may be an outsiderFunctioning as a lone riderBut I dare you to pickSomeone with a longer dick12032016After MichiganThe task is almost doneThe battle s all but wonAnd Don s hit a home runSo what if the Trump teamOccasionally blows off steamViolence can t be all badWhen one s guided by the gonad14032016Washington and WyomingHas left our lad foaming Only one delegateGathered from these statesFolks what s wrong with youWe have to see this thing throughIf Ol Don s not at the helmTerrorists will overwhelmPoor Murrica and the HispanicPopulation shall create panicDrugs shall be their birthrightThey shall rape every woman in sight17032016After Tuesday s routRubio s out Only Kasich CruzAnd Trump from which to chooseAnd if the party disownsThe millionaire of renownHe ll not keep uietHe s promised a riot24032016The state of ArizonaHas endorsed Trump s personaBut it seems that UtahHas fallen for Cruz s chutzpahDonald old chapYou re in the last lapYou can t afford to slackAnd allow Cruz a comeback It s all very easy You just continue to beYourself ie brash and bigotedAnd by republicans you ll be voted06042016The state of WisconsinHas committed the sinOf not seeing Trump inAnd dumping him in the binIs it because he exhortedTo punish women who abortedOr because his team beats upPeople when the debate heats upFolks you must rememberThis is part of the moral timbreOf the GOP s chosen member He cannot afford to slumberSo in the remaining caucusesLet s hope the populace focussesOn getting Trump back on track So he can make the famous comeback27042016New York last weekPlaced Trump on a peak And yesterday s pollsShow that he s on a rollLet us exultAt the inevitable resultKasich and Cruz Have teamed up only to lose04052016Indiana s verdictWas easy to predictFor anyone who s alignedWith the Republican mind After a comprehensive routSenator Ted Cruz is outDon s almost thereOn the presidential chair05052016Folks this is itKasich s also uitTrump s the only guyFor the GOP to swear byNow there s just HillaryOr Bernie he may still win the primaryOnly one dragon to slayO frabjous day Callooh Callay25052016The latest polls show Trump in the lead He s the man the masses needHillary s gonna take it on the chinThere s no way she s going to winPolicy matters Don t discussThe economy Not worth the fussTrump will discuss only Hillary s spouse And insult his way into the White House20072016For all those who doubtedRaised their eyebrows and poutedRaved ranted and shouted And said Trump will oustedYour traditions much toutedHave been totally flouted His enemies all routedNow Don s the leader undoubted19082016The poisonous media s still at itSpreading their calumnious bullshitTheir opinion polls show a Hillary win According to them Trump s already done inFools I have only this to state Never underestimate the power of hateJust remember a man with a funny moustacheWho almost reduced the whole of Europe to ash20092016As November draws nearThings are getting clearHillary s no longer far in the lead Trump s a close second even Dems will concedeBut what the liberals do not knowIs the power that paranoia can bestowWhen logic and reason will be totally dumpedAnd sheer fear will make people vote for Trump10102016It is said that the second presidential debate Has pretty much sealed Donald Trump s fateIf the liberal media is to be trustedThe GOP campaign s practically busted But since when do voters base their choiceOn a candidate s knowledge experience and poiseWhat they want is the sound and the fury The arrogance to play both judge and juryThe fireworks bluster empty rhetoric Rudeness personified and a visage cholericLet s face it folks they are not too fussy Even of a guy who grabs women by the py21102016By his orange wigAnd the dances he did jigAnd the beers he has swigged Trump swears it s all riggedSo come eighth NovemberIt would be good to remember A candidate s never beatUnless he concedes defeat So whatever the numbers sayOr the poll results displayOur fervour won t be dousedTrump will sit in the White House09112016Defeating all predictionsAnd negative depictionsAnd naysayer s convictionsTrump s won the electionIt just goes to show that Even a spoiled bratCan aspire to the White HouseIf he s enough of a louseWith that we concludeThis lengthy preludeTo a four year interludeOf Presidential ineptitude10112019Just cause the House is flippedDon t think Donnie s wings are clippedWith executive orders he is euipped Constitution Pshaw That will be skipped6112020With fraudulent votes picked up from the groundWhere they just happened to be lying around If Biden thinks that he can get himself crownedBe warned In lawsuits he will be drownedThe Donald will never ever leave the White HouseNot for a socialist democratic louseWhat do you think he is A discarded spouseIf you are wise his anger you will not rouse12112020Beware us The righteous warriors of TrumpMaking our last stand in a forlorn dump We may seem to you such laughable chumps But just you wait We will be back with a thump

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The wild and woolly deals negotiating tactics his investment philosophy and his strategy for success or coming back from adversityWhether you love him or hate him one thing is certain about Donald Trump He is a true American original with great instincts and billion dollar dreams The Art of the Comeback is Trump at his best unpredictable irreverent and irrepressibl. This is my first Trump book but I knew what I was getting into It s basically a long book of Trump talking about himself and his accomplishments He goes on and on about all the famous people he knows and the awards he won for his wonderful work It is fascinating though It s a good way to get inside of his head and see how he brought himself out of a low point in his life It s written like a biography of sorts This is Trump s version of all the stories that have been told about him in the media and in books I took it as a way for him to record in print HIS version of the story and sets the record straight I learned an interesting fact in this book The Trump HATES handshakes he s a huge germaphobe

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City broke ground on one of the biggest and most lucrative development projects ever undertaken in New York City and outsmarted one of South America's richest men for rights to the Miss Universe pageantBlunt outrageous smart as hell and full of hilarious stories check out his chapter The Art of the Prenuptial Agreement Trump tells it like it is the women in his life. sigh

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    222016The Iowa CaucusSeems to have lost focusElse why would they dumpA winner like Trump?But he'll be back in a hurryNone of you worryBecause it's just his fateTo make America great1022016What did I say?Hip hip hoorayTrump's on fireIn New HampshireAfter biting the dustHe did not go bustNow he's leading the pac

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    After that annoying hiccup last night in Iowa I'm sure you'd hear some people whining and moaning and carrying on but not t

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    ♫ Trump thing you make my heart sinkYou make everything gloomy Trump thingTrump thing I think I loathe youpicture captured from wwwtrumpdonaldorgIf you like to learn what Trump's hairpiece really consist of and which book he has on his nightstand and other private details about him watch this little Simpsons

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    A fun fact before we start the review In the first chapter of this book Donald Trump included a friendly photo of himself with then First Lady Hillary Clinton In the caption he lauded her success and even complimented her a

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    People have always asked me if I'll ever be involved in politics It seems every so often there's some unfounded r

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    Horrible just like he is I’m surprised I finished it I read it only because we’ve had it for 20 years The most self aggrandizing book I’ve ever read I’m surprised he didn’t demand Ali to hand over the title of the greatest W

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    This is my first Trump book but I knew what I was getting into It's basically a long book of Trump talking about himself and his accomplishments He goes on and on about all the famous people he knows and the awards he won for his wonderful work It is fascinating though It's a good way to get inside of his head and see how he brought himself out of a low point in his life It's written like a biography of sorts This is Trump's version of all

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    This book provided some understanding that I did not have before about our now President Elect PE Donald Trump With the inauguration set to occur exactly one week from today I feel at ease regarding his transition into leadership It seems to me the only difference at times in whether or not you accept someone or otherwise lies in

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    The early nineties proved a tough time for the Trump Organization not to mention everyone else The Donald had grown complacent and w

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