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Ants and he's willing to spend a million dollars to get it He finds his answer in a petite smooth feminine boy named Allen at the local mall and once he dangles that money in front of him the sky's the limit of what he'll do.

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Million Dollar Femboy

And touch of the year old seniors graduating from high school Million Dollar PDFEPUB or every summer This time however he wants than just a one time thing He wants a femboy who's willing to do whatever he wants whenever he w.

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A crossdressing gay millionaire public sex eroticaMarcus Auger is a tall broad tanned multi millionaire who has already retired at the age of leaving him to indulge in whatever pleasure comes his way like enjoying the sight.

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    First you can't take this story seriously it just a ball of fun Second it's not a romance don't expect anyone to profess their undying love for each other Third it's kinky as FUCK That is all

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