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Been stronger and he’s convinced that he can master the art of cheating and cover his tracks perfectly this time It’s not long before he’s back to juggling his wife his mistresses a love child and some major baby momma drama Dogism Saga is an over the top relationship drama that will have readers shaking their heads as they laugh out loud at Lance’s antic.

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Dogism Saga

With an obsessed stripper In the midst of all the drama and deception Lance realizes that eventually every dog has his day and he tries to put his cheating ways behind him It works for several years but when he uits his blue collar job to become a bestselling author he finds himself with loads of money and idle time on his hands The temptation to cheat has never.

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Lance Thomas is a sexy young black male who has it all a high paying blue collar job a home in ueens two cars a son and a beautiful wife He has realized however that he is afflicted with dogism a distorted sexuality that causes men to be unfaithful to their women Witness Lance as he juggles God a wife a son and a new mistress all while trying to end his dealings.

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    Waitwhat? me after I finished this book I had such high hopes for this novel and maybe that is why I feel so let downThe book is about Lance a guy who can't stop cheating on his wife The back of the book declares 'Dogism Sa

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