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Ly for authorsThe Tarot is not a parlor game In the hands of a master it is a research tool used to read the future and rewrite the events to be This book is the official textbook for the House of White mystery school and it will take your readings to a level of mastery that puts you head and shoulders above most Tarot readers you will ever meet There is no guesswork involved with the Tarot or this book There are time tested techniues that work and it is time that you learn and use them Advanced Tarot Secrets picks up from where The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot Ever left off You build on the knowledge you already have to deepen your bond with your cards and make them reveal layers of information from the same exact spreads you are using right now We start you off by learning and doing new exercises all designed to strengthen your intuition These simulate the exact methods you use in real life readings and make you infinitely comfortable reading for other people Next we introduce you to new games that teach you how to see the various layers of meaning each card offers and how cards interact in a spread These games help you understand how the Tarot reflects the intricacies of daily life In a simple ten card spread. Dusty you ve done it again with this book which is will take a tarot reader to the next level Filled with Dusty s warmth and pragmatism this is a fantastic seuel to The easiest way to learn the Tarot Ever This book will support and guide the reader to achieve much than becoming a accurate and professional Tarot Reader it will help you boost your creativity manifest a chosen future solve problems and much If the only thing stopping you getting this book is money then do a public service and order it through the

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Advanced Tarot Secrets

Here's how to getto times information from each spread you cast right now Ask better uestions do all of your pre spreadwork and verify the accuracy of your spread before you start making any predictions Advanced Tarot ePUB #10003 Advanced Tarot Secrets illustrates step by step how to do all of this You are about to learn how to spot patterns in spreads find spreads hiding in the spreads you already use and how cards interact with each otherThis book reveals the advanced spread techniues and trade secrets used every day by the top psychics in the world It is a how to do it handbook for the professional who charges to an hour to wealthy clients who expect results These skills are essential if you are going to read for celebrity or corporate or government clients Improve your accuracy and strengthen your intuition by practicing the new exercises and playing the new games detailed in this book You will learn how toFind lost items and missing people with the TarotManifest practically anything you desire out of thin air using your cardsRead the distant past and future great for solving mysteries and crimesSolve problems and brainstorm with the TarotOvercome writer's block and master storytelling in the section specifical. I am a professional Psychic Medium I ve been reading the Tarot since I was 15 years old I ve read most of the classic historical books on the subject as well as studied Tarot with many teachers Dusty s book dispels so much of the superstitions about the Tarot and will teach you things you just won t find anywhere elseIf you want to learn to read the cards for self discovery or perhaps wish to master them to do this work professionally get this book now Even if you ve got decades of experience this book will free y

Free download Advanced Tarot Secrets

You can see details than three other people reading the same spreadNext come advanced spread basics and advanced spread techniues Here you apply everything you learn in the exercises and gamesuick and easy ways to clear your deck between clients useful at parties or working psychic fairs and hotlinesWhy every spread needs a protagonistHow to instantly verify the accuracy of your spread no bad readings everHow to modify your favorite spread to meet your needs for each readingHidden spreads spread patterns and themes the four passes through a spread every reading should haveWhen to use clarification or expansion cards how to read cards face down and whyHow to give accurate no spread readingsAnd several other advanced techniuesOnce you understand all of these things you can dowse with the Tarot work on archaeological expeditions work for treasure hunters work with stock analysts to predict economic trends remote view we don't call it spying solve any problem design your own spreads and decks and charge a LOT for your services Advanced Tarot Secrets is not yet another book on the Tarot it is a Tarot revolution This book frees you from the limitations of old worn out techniues that create no real value in people's lives. This book along with The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Dusty s first book gets regular use My other tarot books sit and gather dust on my bookshelf because they have not helped me to learn how to read the cards or understand their meanings despite being written by so called tarot experts The exercises in this book stimulate creative learning and are helpful to learn things about the cards that you will not have not seen before even if you have tarot experience The spread techniues in the book are truly amazing and he

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    I have been waiting with great anticipation for my long awaited copy of Advanced Tarot Secrets' by Dusty White I was very pleased with the first book The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Ever It spoke in plain simple language The book was filled w

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    I am a professional Psychic Medium I've been reading the Tarot since I was 15 years old I've read most of the classic historical books on the subject as well as studied Tarot with many teachers Dusty's book dispels so much of the superstitions

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    As a beginner just taking up the Tarot I was than intimidated by the mystical language and almost indecipherable meanings that fill many Tarot books Then I picked up Dusty White's first book on the Tarot The Easiest Way to

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    I LOVE THIS BOOK It is as good if not better than The Easiest Way To Learn The Tarot EVERI was expecting a further elaboration of the material presented in his first book There is some of that in the book He does address everyone's main concern of How DO I REALLY know if I am accurate and casting the right cards? by sharing fool proof professional level techniuesBut he really opened my eyes to other usage with the Taro

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    Anyone can buy a book on how to read the tarotthere are hundreds of them out there So why this book? Because it WORKS I like lots o

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    Dusty you've done it again with this book which is will take a tarot reader to the next level Filled with Dusty's warmth and pragmatism this

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    This book along with The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Dusty's first book gets regular use My other tarot books sit and gather dust on

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    This is by far the most complete book of Tarot ever It is not for the novice use Dusty's other book book The Easiest Way To

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Advanced Tarot Secrets Even though I read with Morgan's Tarot Cards I encountered no issues at all with any of

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    A strange and superficial take on the art of Tarot and its purpose Maybe it's that this guy's Tarot philosophy just isn't my cup of tea but I really hate everything about this book Tarot is 'how the gods speak to you'? Okay I'm really the 'Tarot is how one understands herself and life situation' type I'm also not so much for the author's overly specific and highly negative interpretations of each of the cards which are heavily laden with '

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