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Love of the Egoist Egoist #1

Nce stretching into eternityThis is the personal living hell of police detective Kuon LeirisHis punishment for ruining the Black Duke’s dealBut when nights come it gets worse Cruelty Care Brutality Affection Constant mind g I tried not to get attached and feel everything the

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Ames where he can do nothing but give inYugo pours his every corrupt desire into his prey testing the limits of their twisted relationship Do you dare enter a dark world where safe words don’t exist? Editor Elizabeth Peters I’m so annoyed right now that I can’t even thin

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“I wanted to play with you punish you But now I want to ruin your world and turn it pitch black Isolate you so you don’t have anything left except me And remember it’s your own fault” Isolation Loneliness Endless sile 4 StarsTold in dual POV 3rd person it’s the first

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the Egoist PDF ☆ Journalist poker player casino events manager designer and SEO specialist Nero Seal tried it all before committing to the idea of being an MM fiction writer Living in one of the most homophobic countries in the world he has a lot to say Being an Love of PDF/EPUB or avid traveler he creates his imaginary worlds from the places he’s been and the people he’s metCharacters always talk in his head forcing him.

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    45 Stars Why? Why there is no half stars in the moments I need it the most? I like saving my 5 stars rates for books I'll remember FOREVER books that take me to places not always happy but nevertheless remarkable Will I remember Love of the Egoist in a few years time? I don't think so However it nonetheless made a big impression Love of the Egoist has a story line a bit overused in the MF genre and I feel kind of jaded for this trope Therefore I was taken by surprise here big time This was definitely than GR 4 stars rate I really liked it but at the same time I can't say It was amazing because I don't think I'll remember it in a few years I know I'm THAT complicated My highlights Love of the Egoist was so bloody bad wrong AND wicked The psychological mind games so convincing The lovehate relationship between captor and captive so freaking real Hot as fuck And the ultimate proof of a well done and developed story I was rooting for the bad guy gasp How bad?? Bad as in a non redeemable person Love of the Egoist is not a romance and has a very strong vibe of Call the CoronerAvailable on KU ATM

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    4 StarsTold in dual POV 3rd person it’s the first installment in the Egoist series and it’s cliffy This was my first read by this author and won’t be my last for sure It’s an enemies to lovers story a dark one Well written with well developed characters and angsty There is an age gap between the MCs loved both of them yes I loved Yugo Maybe it was hard to see his love but I could see it and feel it Overall I enjoyed this intense read and hope you like it as well On to book 2

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    My God That ending is killing me 😱😭😱😭 Undoubtedly one of the best “genuine” enemies to lovers books with Stockholm syndrome But my god what happened to Kuon???? I really really REALLY need to know 😭 If you are thinking about reading this book know that this ends on a major cliffhanger Like MAJOR 😱 I think I will be jumping up and down before the next book comes out Don’t expect me to write a coherent review to write for this one 😅 This is one of those rare ones which you gotta read yourself to fully understand what happened 😉4 I’m dying with suspense here stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    I AM SO FUCKING MAD To the point where I can't even gather my thoughts So you're telling me poor Kuon went through all of that shit?? All of those mixed fucking feelings and violence just for that to happen in the end??? Doubting himself wondering why he felt that way about his captor just for it to end like that?? You know what? I wasn't gonna rate this because I wasn't sure how to rate it but now I fucking know 1 star 1 star for all the shit he had to go through just because he did his job and for that fucker to not be man enough to let him know how he feels If he did he could've prevented everything that happened I can't believe I actually liked Yugo sometimes lol boy do I regret that Maybe if there was hope for things to work out in book 2 my review would've been 5 stars but with that ending? I don't fucking think so therefore I did not like this Also every time Yugo acted all clueless as to why Kuon was in a bad moodlike after that fucker came to the house I wanted to stab him in his fucking throat

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    My first book by this author and I enjoyed it Well it's DARK just the way I enjoy my reads Angsty and shockingly at times I promised myself I'll read dark books in 2020 so for a start this one was right on my alley This story is definitely NOT for everyone I advise you to read carefully the blurb and dive in knowing full well it ends with a chiffhanger I'm looking forward to reading about Yugo and Kuon I love their names I'm glad the next book is already out

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    I tried not to get attached and feel everything they felt That's the only way I can read a book like this Tried to convince myself that these things don't happen in real life And it was easier this wayThis isn't the kind of dark read where the villain has an ounce of good in him where you think he is only a bad person because something bad happened to him when he was a child Mommydaddy issues etc And he was forced to do bad things Where you think he only needs to fall in love with the right person and he would stop being a criminal If you're looking for that kind of book look elsewhere This also isn't the kind of book where someone would swoop in like a superhero and save the damsel in distress Nope Again look elsewhere There also wasn’t a damsel in the story Kuon fought hard to save himself his dignity and pride and eventually his sanityYugo's fascination with Kuon was well fascinating He demanded Kuon to obey him but liked when Kuon defied him challenged him It was an amusing game to him He did feel affection for Kuon in a twisted way And despite this not being a romance book there were some moments that were playful and lighter The evolution of both Yugo's and Kuon's feelings was gripping and the author lured me into believing each possibility that surfaced in my mind about the outcomeYugo's resurfacing often times almost charming and boyish nature even if he was a cruel animal would have been endearing if I could just ignore what he did That part of him reminded me of a cheerful child And it made me realize that I didn't know anything about him other then how he behaved in Kuon's presence Same goes for Kuon There was absolutely zero background story What about their families friends colleagues? Yugo did have some dealings with other thugs but only for a few paragraphs which I didn't mind cause even that bored me though it did raise some political uestions in me but I don't care enough to investigateIt took me some time to figure out what exactly was off about the writing style Is there such a thing as too many adjectives? If so this book suffered from that I absolutely love when the author assaults my senses with detailed description how it smells and feels what the characters see; but maybe not the whole book and not every sentence I might've highlighted a few just in certain scenes It was too much hereI won't bother with trigger warnings it's a dark book and I mean DARK And also not a romance That's all the spoiler I'm willing to give

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    Soooo I wonder if English is the author's second language or this was originally written in another language and translated? There are some really strange ways of writing expressions punctuation that just areSTRANGEAnd also what mafia dude says cute sometimes the men in this series talk like girls Very much a turn off for me25 stars rounded up since it's free on KU Would totally be 1 2 stars if I had to pay for it Yet another rape and bondage abduction turned love of captor abuser Maybe it's the writing but I just don't uite feel the depth of emotion here that I felt in The Soldiers book I just read

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    I’m so annoyed right now that I can’t even think This book was around 250 pages but felt like triple that It dragged was repetitive and I became exhausted with sheer boredom I pushed through because I felt like maybe I just need to get through the groundwork and then it would turn into something amazing I wasn’t even pissed about the ending like many people were because at that point I wanted it over by any means necessary Funny thing is I didn’t hate Yugo Well I did but I didn’t I think he could totally redeem himself in the next book It can’t be over if there’s another book right???And it was hawt for sure 🔥

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    Kuon's reluctant descent into Stockholm syndrome even though he knows it's happening and that his growing feelings are wrong is beautifully dark and erotic A controlled cop is captured by the man he is hunting for heinous crimes but Yugo's conviction of his own self worth the rightness of what he's doing makes for compelling reading After all if it wasn't for him Kuon would be dead a moulding corpse in some dark alleyway He saved his life so now the cop is his to do with as he pleasesif you like dark mm this is a phenomenal read if either dark or mm isn't your thing be warned

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    Overall book rating 45Audio Book NABook Cover 35At first I had a difficult time getting into the story I’m not a big fan of the chosen style of writing I have to admit But JAN gave it a good review so I went with that What can I say? She has good taste and Jan dear I share your wicked taste for dark things Needless to say I’m not sorry I kept at it Dammit It sure packs a punch In my MF days I was uite a big Pepper Winters fan I still love Mercer and I’ve not in all the time I've been reading MM found anything remotely like that series Until nowI dare say this is the closest I’ve come to that scenarioTo that brutality To that unapologetic violence And because it’s MM it made it so deliciously bad Because Kuan fights backYeah yeah I need therapy I know I’m working on it I’ve always said if you want to write dark then write dark It’s not dark if the main character is scared of being bad There is a fine line in this genre and the author succeeded in getting that right in my humble opinion I LOVE that things don’t turn to roses and sunshine in a heartbeat It’s so much realistic this way So well done Nero Seal I just about lost it in the end I have to be honest My mind ran in all kinds of directions with that brat that got brought inAlso in the final happenings I’m not saying anything I feel like That's about it for now

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