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Or One Caine's honor won't let him refuse From the moment he beds Desi Caine knows turmoil will follow Desi might have the face of a temptress but she also has a will of iron and while she needs his protection she's determined that no man will control her again. Welllllllllhmm Here s an obligatory shirtless cowboycan t pass up the chance for one of thosend now my review DDUsually I like the second half of a book than the first But this was one gave me the opposite feeling The first half of this book was really greatthe setup for the ititial meeting was intense and exciting the bad guys really bad and the good guys apparently really good Except they all have that tangible bad boy streak which is even exciting Caine s first sight of Desi is of her standing in the middle of a stream in her underwear beating the crap out of any of her captors that dares to come close enough to touch herall the while another group of women simply sits there and sueals Then she looked up at him and sucker punched him with the elouence of those big eyes Everything she felt inside everything left out of her remarkably composed expression whirled in the deep blue depths shame anger hope and fear When Caine s group of Hell s Eight boys saves the day these same women refuse to return in a group that includes Desi Because she is a temptress and a seductress I guess What the reader comes to learn is that Desi s story is not what the townspeople make it out to be and the Hell s Eight guys catch wind that Desi is not necessarily a willing participant in her activitiesnamely because she fights them like hell when they try to take her back And therein lies the core of the story Maybe I m just a natural born whoreThe statement she wanted to sound cold and matter of fact came out high and strained Caine cocked his head to the side His thumb stroked the corner of her mouth It s been my experience there s no such thing Just women who ve run out of options And I liked how this story brings to light the plight of women of that time If you were stuck with a beast of a man there was no way out It s all brawn and muscle on the frontier and a lone woman back then was at the mercy of those surrounding herNow the second half is where things go wrong for me The first sexual scene was super slow uber sensual wonderfully done After that No holds barred Caine was so pushy in that he doesn t give this traumatized woman any time to recover from her powerless ordeal He is determined that not only will she accept him into her bed and body by she s damned well going to LIKE it too But he doesn t spend any time really delving into her psyche being gentle or working his way into her heart He just demands his rights and leaves her no way out Even though she makes it plain and clear that she s not ready emotionallyin fact she s scared to death of him for nearly the entire book For God s sake the first time he tries to actually put it in she has a full blown no breathing in shock panic attack Back the freak off buddy For real She stared beyond the firelight to the wildness beyond It matched the wildness she felt inside She just wanted to be free Free of men s demands society s scorn and the personal pain that ate like acid at her soul And I would say that literally 23 of the second half of the book was intimate scenes either doing the deed foreplay or trying to convince her that she really does want this Way too muchI had another problem in that I felt that the villains here were dealt with way too easily in fact most of the focus was not on the really bad guys but some new dude who comes into the picture late in the story Still one MORE villain wasn t dealt with at all MehMy fave part about the second half of the book The faithful loyal hound dog and the crazy ass roosterthe hound dog because of his adoration and protection of his new mistress and the rooster because he is so easily distracted and added a spot of laugh out loud humor to the storyBoone the hound dogCantankerous the roosterI think I ll read one book before throwing in the towel on the series I m really intrigued by the rest of the guys especially the Native American brotherslove me some uiet stoic gamma heroes This one held such promise and had me so excited for a bit I m hoping to get that same loving feeling backBuddy read with my British babe Steph D Bring on the cowboys


They establish an uneasy bond but it isn't enough for Caine He wants all Desi has to offer He wants her screams her moans her demandseverything Yet there's still a bounty on Desi's head and keeping her sexually satisfied is proving easier than keeping her aliv. Reviewed for wwwthcreviewscom45 stars In my opinion many erotic romances have a tendency to suffer from an overabundance of sex and underdevelopment of plot Fortunately Caine s Reckoning has no such issues It has an interesting and engrossing storyline while still maintaining the steamy sexuality that tends to mark erotic romances The overarching plot of the series that of eight mostly unrelated but sexy alpha men who have banded together as a family to fight evil and injustice reminds me in some ways of JR Ward s Black Dagger Brotherhood series Although I have to say that since one features sexy cowboys in the old west and the other sexy vampires in a contemporary urban setting the similarities for the most part end there The individual premise of Caine s Reckoning was interesting as well Between the heart stopping romance Desi s struggles to overcome her past some wild west action and a light mystery surrounding one of Desi s abusers and his motives I had a hard time putting the book down After reading several reviews for this book I was expecting it to be very violent While there were a couple of shoot outs and one short 2 page nightmare seuence that contained an explicit sexual assault I found that most of the violence was left to the reader s imagination and wasn t much worse than many other books I ve read That s not to say that it would be easy for everyone to read and for this reason I would caution sensitive readers about the content I think that it simply didn t bother me as much because in my opinion the author didn t delve uite as deep into the emotional fall out to Desi s psyche as some other authors with similar characters have done and Desi was a very strong heroine as wellI thought that Desi was an admirable heroine a young woman who had suffered unthinkable abuse and yet had never truly allowed herself to become a victim When the story opens with her courageously fighting her captors like a hellcat while the other women sat passively by I immediately liked her Later when she showed tremendous vulnerability it only endeared her to me further as did her ability to freuently blush in spite of her experience I also found her to be relatable as a young woman who had been raised as a prim proper lady but who always felt a burning passion inside trying to surface It wasn t until she started stubbornly holding herself at arms length from Caine s gentle loving overtures that I had a bit harder time with her character but ultimately her actions were understandable in light of her past Some stubborn heroines can tend to annoy me but that wasn t really the case with Desi I think I just spent most of that part of the story worried that her willfulness would cause her to do something really stupid but when she exhibited intelligence and ingenuity in the end she truly earned my respect I also thought that when Desi was finally able to fully let herself go and surrender to Caine trusting him completely their resulting lovemaking was both darkly passionate and thoroughly beautiful and romantic a heady combination indeedCaine was an incredibly appealing hero Having lost his family at a young age like all of the Hell s Eight men he has a dark tortured past too but it wasn t explored in as much detail as I would have liked I suppose that is understandable though as there shouldn t be too much darkness in one novel or it would become depressing Actually I thought that Caine had a wry and sometime self deprecating sense of humor which I enjoyed and which also helped to lighten things up a bit here and there He is a very dominating alpha male but he has a heart of gold and isn t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Desi He also pampers her in the most thoroughly romantic ways and has some of the most swoon worthy lines I think I have ever read in a romance novel I absolutely loved the way that he is completely committed to their marriage and being faithful to Desi right from the start even though he had no intentions of getting married anytime soon and basically only agreed to it out of a sense of honor and duty Even though Caine s every instinct is to dominate he puts his own needs on hold and shows Desi an unbelievable amount of patience I liked that Caine was very intelligent and intuitive when it came to Desi s needs Time and time again Caine proves that he is an honorable man who can be trusted with anything and who is the epitome of a true gentleman a diamond in the rough Even though I m raving about him Caine did have a few impatient moments when he allowed his desires to get the best of him but I was still able to admire him because he immediately recognized his mistakes and admitted he was wrong All in all I thought he did pretty well for a guy in the old west who didn t have access to a psychotherapist for his wife Caine is definitely a hero I ll remember for a long time to comeThough Caine s Reckoning was good enough to earn a place on my keeper shelf it wasn t uite perfect There were several scenes a few of the love scenes in particular that I thought were a little too verbose I m all for whispering sweet nothings during lovemaking but sometimes it seemed like they were carrying on an entire conversation In my opinion it made these scenes feel rather forced like the author was trying too hard to convince me of the character s passion and feelings instead of showing me I think a few descriptive details and a little less chattiness in these scenes would have made them flow a bit naturally There were also several scenes involving dialog especially among multiple characters where I had a difficult time determining who was speaking Going back and reading the passages a second time usually cleared things up but having to do this multiple times throughout the book was rather distracting I would have to say that Desi s ability to overcome her past not only the abuse but the sexually repressive atmosphere in which she was raised was a little too uick taking mere weeks instead of the months or even years that any real woman would have likely needed However since this is fiction and it was good otherwise I can allow for a little creative license I was also a little disappointed that the mystery surrounding the ringleader of Desi s captors was not fully resolved nor justice fully exacted but I think this was meant to be something of a cliffhanger ending that is going to carry over into a future book or books Overall though this was a very good novel that I would definitely recommend Caine s Reckoning is the first book in the Hell s Eight series It introduces the eight members of the group some with brief background information and some only by name but one Sam is given a slightly detailed background and scenes He becomes the hero of the next book in the series Sam s Creed The third book Tucker s Claim is due out next spring with another currently untitled volume to follow by the end of 2009 Though she is not directly on the canvas in Caine s Reckoning Desi s twin sister Ari is mentioned and does play a part in the mystery that was left unresolved I suspect that she may become the heroine of a future book possibly paired with Tracker since he was the first to volunteer to search for her Unfortunately if my assumption is correct it could be a while before readers get to experience their story Caine s Reckoning was my first read by Sarah McCarty but I am really looking forward to continuing the Hell s Eight series and checking out the other books that she has written tooNote This book contains explicit language violence as mentioned in my review and sexual situations including mild dominationsubmission spanking and anal sex which some readers may find offensive However considering the subject matter everything was handled very tastefully in my opinion

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The Hell's Eight is the only family he's ever needed until he meets the only woman he's ever wanted Caine Allen is a hardened Texas Ranger definitely not the marrying kind But when he rescues a kidnapped woman and returns her to town the preacher calls in a fav. 35 stars Caine s reckoning started strong but once the couple started having sex it kind of lost the plot and was all about sex Pages and pages of sex like three pages of just a blowjob It was kind of crazy and I wish it would ve focused on the story plot Because there was so much focus on the sex the ending felt rushed The bad guys died way too easily It was still a good read

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    35 stars Caine's reckoning started strong but once the couple started having sex it kind of lost the plot and was all about sex Pages and pages of sex like three pages of just a blowjob It was kind of crazy and I wish it would've focused on the story plot Because there was so much focus on the sex the ending felt rushed The bad guys died wa

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    Danger lurked around him in an invisible shimmer so much a part of his presence she didn’t even think he realized it She knew he could kill as easily as he changed his socks and she knew he wouldn’t worry over

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    Caine's Reckoning 1 star DNF Rape Victims They Need time not penisMaybe I'm too liberal biased and unyielding but as a ro

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    Welllllllllhmm Here's an obligatory shirtless cowboycan't pass up the chance for one of thosend now my review DDUsually I like the second half of a book than the first But this was one gave me the opposite feelin

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    I can see why the reviews for this book are kind of all over the place It's a good book one I'm glad I read but at the same time there are things about it that are frustrating and annoying I enjoyed it a lot but there were just some things tha

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    I just didn't enjoy this one as much as I wanted to I thought it dragged on far too long Desi truly has a lot of i

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    5 stars – WesternHistorical RomanceEroticaI L O V E D this book and find it interesting that the reviews are so mixed Caine’s Reckoning is the first book in McCarty’s Hell’s Eight historical western romanceerotica series about a group of Texas Rangers who have banded together after losing their familie

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    I had several problems with this book Just FYI I listened to an audio version First this woman had just been kept tied to a bed as a sex slave for a year Caine rescues her and marries her and that night one and a half days later he

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    Reviewed for wwwthcreviewscom45

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    Caine Allen is Hell's Eight and a Texas Ranger what he isn't is husband material He finds himself rethinking that when he saves Desi from her kidnappers her wild spirit calls to him and makes him want her as his own When he realises the abuse she has been suffering from her guardians he knows he can't take her back so he does what he longs formakes her his Desi will do anything to avoid going back to chained to that bed and used t

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