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He had no form of identification on him and no one claims the body Doctor Chris Rankin a specialist who treated the deceased and who struggles with mental health issues is intrigued by the nameless dead man obsessed even and starts asking uestions However someone doesn't want the uestio. I enjoy having the Francis style continued by Dick s son Felix He has been true to his father s legacy but this one was rather annoying to read The plot line was interesting and I understand that Felix had a protagonist that was dealing with serious issues causing her poor behavior but I got tired of her and felt that her obsessions were exhausting and continually putting herself and her family in danger I liked the fact that Felix gave his readers a woman protagonist instead of the men in racing that have been featured in the past I think I would have liked her better if he had written to her strengths and had her less manic Maybe she can be featured again when she is in a better place because she is a great heroine with her medical background and her interest in working the races as a doc I understand that all his heroes get themselves into difficult situations but they usually do so inadvertently They usually lead from strength not because they are continuously making stupid choices I look forward to the next book so nice to have a favorite author s work continued by his talented son

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Ns answered and will go to any lengths to prevent it including an attempted murder But when no one will believe that someone tried to kill Chris the doctor is left with no option but to discover who the nameless man was and why he died preferably before following him into an early grave. I would like to thank Netgalley and Simon Schuster for an advance copy of Pulse a stand alone racing thriller set in CheltenhamChris Rankin is an on duty AE consultant when an unconscious man is brought in with heart problems Sadly the man does not respond to treatment and dies shortly after being admitted Chris has her own mental health issues and starts to obsess about the identity of the well dressed stranger whom she is convinced was murderedI enjoyed Pulse The plot while hardly realistic held my interest throughout and gets uite exciting at the end I must admit that I found it hard to believe that Chris found out so much when the police couldn t but it makes for a good read I also think that the plot is uite simple as there are no real twists but again it makes for a good easy readMr Francis excels in his description of Chris s mental issues and the first person narrative adds extra impact making it very personal Depression and anorexia nervosa are not easy subjects to either discuss or describe and yet he nails them accurately and without fuss both from Chris herself and others reactions It s impressive These conditions do not make Chris a particularly likeable character but the first person narrative does much to mitigate this I found the medical treatments described early in the novel a bit too detailed and unnecessary as they slow down the momentum of the novel but fortunately Mr Francis keeps them to a necessary minimum after that In contrast the role of the race course medic and how they system works are fascinating I learned a lot in an interesting wayPulse is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending

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New York Times bestselling author Felix Francis is back in the newest thrilling adventure in the Dick Francis tradition A smartly dressed man has been found unconscious at the local racecourse and is rushed to the hospital where he subseuently dies But who is he Where does he come from. Crackling with excitement I couldn t turn the pages fast enough I didn t expect the patient to die of course but he did and it was my fault While my colleagues told me it wasn t and I shouldn t blame myself I knew better I was a bad person and my inadeuacy and foolishness were the reasons the man died I felt wretched The man had arrived at the hospital by ambulance unconscious but still breathing and a weak but rapid heartbeatUnknown middle aged male said one of the paramedics loudly as he handed over to the hospital emergency staffFound fully dressed but unresponsive in a cubicle of a male restroom in the main grandstand at Cheltenham Racecourse at about ten past seven this eveningAfter a uick assessment Dr Christine Rankin diagnoses a typical SVT supraventicular tachycardia a malfunction of the heart s electrical system resulting in a resting pulse rate in excess of 150 beats per minuteHe has no ID no personal effects that would lead to his identity No one has reported him missing Following the man s autopsy the ME make it clear that he could not have been saved despite the best course of treatment given by Dr Chris Rankin Respiratory collapse and heart failure brought on by cocaine overdose The uantity of the drug found in the man s brain was extremely high well over that reuired to killOver the past year Chris s life had spiraled out of control and the man s death is the final straw that broke the proverbial camel s back She spends the next five and a half weeks in an inpatient psychiatric hospital Four months later with her life finally on an upward course she s excited to be on the medical team for the four days of the annual Cheltenham Racing Festival We were to concentrate solely on those brave souls balanced high on half a ton of horseflesh while jumping over huge fences at high speed with no seat belts or air bags available in the event of a crash And they call me crazy Still the unidentified man s death weighs on her conscious and no one else seems to care Chris makes it her mission to discover who the man was and why he died Perhaps for the first time in eighteen months I would have described myself as feeling reasonably happy Such a shame it wasn t to last My world was about to change once again and not for the better Pulse by Felix Francis is part medical thriller and part a high speed horse racing mystery What s not to love As a nurse the medical part of the storyline held a special interest for me and as a horse lover the steeple chasing races made it all that exciting I found myself completely absorbed in this story from the very start and I found it increasingly difficult to put it down and I turned the pages at a blistering pace I enjoyed this novel very much and I m looking forward to reading Felix Francis s upcoming novel Crisis set to be released this fall October 9 2018 which I have already pre ordered I cut my teeth so to speak on horse racing mystery novels written by my all time favorite author Dick Francis so it s no surprise that his son Felix is also one of my favorites As a teen I was not big on reading but I was obsessed with anything to do with horses So it s no wonder that when my mom handed me a Dick Francis mystery novel it was the beginning of my passion for books and reading

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    What Worked1 I'm pretty sure that this is the first Francis book with a female protagonist certainly in Felix's books and probably in his fathers books It was a change and not a bad one but it wasn't well done on that below Still it was a nice change and it would be good to see female protagonists in future Francis books2 The plot was some

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    Dr Rankin a female doc thinks she's made a mistake when cocaine addict dies so when no one claims him he did an Elivis at

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    Crackling with excitement I couldn't turn the pages fast enough I didn't expect the patient to die of course but he did and it was my fault W

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    25 or 510 overall not too badFor the first time FelixDick Francis has a female protagonist And she is not a jockey she's an emergen

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    I enjoy having the Francis style continued by Dick's son Felix He has been true to his father's legacy but this on

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    I have been reading Dick and now Felix Francis books for decades and they have a certain formula which always makes for a comfortable read The characters are always flawed or in some way disadvantaged but always immediately engaging The books are typically first person and each chapter ends with a titillating foreshadowing statement that propels you to decide to read a little Each book is set against the background of

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    I do enjoy the horse racing theme of the Francis books but this one has a doctor as a protagonist and she has se

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Simon Schuster for an advance copy of Pulse a stand alone racing thriller set in CheltenhamChris Rankin is an on duty AE consultant when an unconscious man is brought in with heart problems Sadly the man does not respond to treatment and dies shortly after being admitted Chris

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    Pulse written by Felix Francis son of Dick Francis is an exciting fast paced thriller written in the same tradition of the Francis franchise set in the competitive world of horse racing 'A smartly dressed man is found unconscious at the local racecourse and rushed to hospital where he subseuently dies But who is

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    The first half of the book in which an AE ER doctor slides into depression and anorexia is heavy going I found it slightly disturbing for three reasons 1 The doctor in uestion is the first female Francis protagonist but it's also th