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    Very dry but large scale and worthwhile even if there is almost no literary analysis of the actual novels in it The contrast with this book was painful nearly

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    I loved this book An interesting person with an interesting life

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    A biography of a writer who despite her problems was able to write classic novels about her life In parts a very sad story Nice selection of photographs

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Characters ä eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jane Dunn

Antonia White is best known for the autobiographical uartet of novels that began with her pre World War I adolescence in a Antonia White PDFEPUBCatholic convent Frost in May and ended with institutionalisation for manic depression in the s Beyond the Glass More infamously White's three unsuccessful marriages her affairs and her tortuous relationship with her two daughters and their subseuent feud over the editing of White's diaries after her death have been extensively chronicled Biographer Jane Dunn who has also covered othe.

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Antonia White a Life

Are among the best and moved within an intensely artistic circle of friends which included Djuna Barnes David Gascoyne and Dylan Thomas White's allegedly low opinion of women was compounded just before her death with the newly launched Virago publishing house choosing Frost in May as its first rediscovery The continuing republication of White's novels and her astonishingly frank diary have captivated new generations of readers Jane Dunn's skilful intelligent biography ensures that this interest will not abate Catherine Taylo.

Characters ä eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jane Dunn

R literary lives Mary Shelley in Moon in Eclipse and sisters Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf in A Very Close Conspiracy plunges with relish into White's complex world She portrays White as a highly talented writer whose Catholicism and father fixation contributed much to her low self worth problematic relationships and recurring bouts of madness Despite this White unusually for a woman in the s held down a lucrative job as an advertising copywriter became a highly respected translator her translations of the novels of Colette.