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Summary The Mad ueen

Joanna of Castile was the second daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand the Catholic monarchs who had united Spain as one strong powerful country She was also sister to Catherine of Aragon the famous ueen of England who was poorly treated by Henry VIII discarded for a younger beautiful woman Yet it is perhaps.

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The Mad ueen

Joanna The Mad eBook #243 who led the tragically sad life of the two ill fated sisters as she lived to a very old age alone and incarcerated Joanna became ueen of Spain and is famous in history for being the mad ueen Many historians have debated over whether Joanna was in fact actually mentally ill or if.

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This was completely invented or exaggerated and that she was used as a means to gain power by her husband Philip ‘the Handsome’ or her very own father Ferdinand This short book will look at her life and argue that Joanna was a victim of her own failing mind than of political machinations and conspiracy.

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