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review º eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô Neil Rollinson

Continuing where he left off with A Spillage of Mercury Neil Rollinson's eagerly awaited new collection delves again into the dark moist unexpected bag of human experience Taking the themes of love sex and life's unpredictable mysteries and excitements he scrapes away at the veneer of normality to reveal a world that is insta.

review Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly

Ntly stranger and compelling than beforeRollinson revisits the erotic with his usual wit and bravado in poems that are sometimes playful and sensitive sometimes visceral and shocking He explores scientific subjects through bedroom eyes introducing the idea of entropy to the lovers' lexicon he makes sport a backdrop for loneli.

review º eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô Neil Rollinson

Ness his characters playing golf on the moon taking the final penalty in the shoot out or wandering aimlessly and forever through the high grass of the village cricket boundaryDiverse and provocative vibrant and accessible Spanish Fly is an unusually happy combination a successful stimulant and a wholly satisfying performance.