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K and white illustrations real facts about Ancient Egypt plus fun and action on every page this is the first book in a brilliant Agent Mummy Secret PDF #8608 new series by Steve Cole..

SUMMARY Secret Agent Mummy Secret Agent Mummy #1

Secret Agent Mummy Secret Agent Mummy #1

What could be crazier than Mummy Secret Kindle #209 a year old Egyptian mummy detective moving in next doorHow about An army of brainwashed baboons A flying bandaged dog's bottom A ta.

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Lking cat goddess An evil sorcerer from another worldSomehow Niall Rivers has Secret Agent PDF or got to deal with all of themStill it's not the end of the world Is itPacked with blac.

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    I think when I picked this up I had made an assumption I must not have either read the back or looked closely enough at the picture because I had assumed it was a bout a kid whose mother was a secret agent then I realised it was the whole Egyptian thing wring MummyAnyway a reasonably entertaining book and start to the series

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    I love Egypt I love mysteries and detectives so what do you get if you combine them? This great bookI really enjoyed this book the only reason I didn't rate it higher was because of the puns they do get a bit lame and how is it that SAM doesn't get life on earth even after so many years on it? and also because of all the coincidences that happened I just wish it was a bit magical and less following a pathWhile Niall is the only one who te

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