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She had given them the courage to share their own experiences of assault for the first timeNow she reclaims her identity to tell her story of trauma transcendence and the power of words It was the perfect case in many ways–there were eyewitnesses Turner ran away physical evidence was immediately secured But her struggles with isolation and shame during the aftermath and the trial reveal the oppression victims face in even the best case scenarios Her story illuminates a culture biased to protect perpetrators indicts a c. Everyone everyone everyone should read this bookThat s my review

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Riminal justice system designed to fail the most vulnerable and ultimately shines with the courage reuired to move through suffering and live a full and beautiful lifeKnow My Name will forever transform the way we think about sexual assault challenging our beliefs about what is acceptable and speaking truth to the tumultuous reality of healing It also introduces readers to an extraordinary writer one whose words have already changed our world Entwining pain resilience and humor this memoir will stand as a modern classic.. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestUsually I can finish a book in just a few hours This book took me over twenty days to read Reading it was a highly unpleasant emotionally exhausting experience and I kept having to put it aside Chanel Miller in case you don t know who she is is the woman who was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner whose victim impact statement went viral when she was still Jane Doe Like many other women I was following that trial closely and was shocked and disgusted at how many people leaped to Turner s defense because he was a Stanford boi and a good swimmer whereas the girl he attacked was drunk and wearing a dress When Chanel Miller revealed her identity the fact that she was a person of color and he was white added a whole new layer of discrimination to an already heinous and unforgivable actChanel Miller is brave Not just for writing this book although also that but for confronting her attacker for facing him in court for undergoing the rape kit test for doing everything she did while trying to get herself some justice She was brave for making it through her horrible ordeal for her poise when internet commenters tried to tear her down She was brave for owning her life and trying to reclaim herselfKNOW MY NAME gives the details of the night as Miller remembers it as well as some of the accounts from people who remember the parts of it she didn t In KNOW we get to know Chanel Miller as a person apart from her attack and how the assault the shock the trial and its aftermath affected her The trial is honestly one of the hardest parts to read I started crying in some parts because I was so angry for her When the defense tried to play her off as some silly little girl I wanted to scream Her outrage at Trump s infamous grab em by the pussy statement and how horrifically similar it was to her own attacker s cavalier attitude toward women and consent was truly nauseating and reflected the outrage a lot of survivors felt at seeing that boor take officeThere are also a few bright spots Joe Biden wrote her a touching letter Hillary Clinton used a uote from Miller s statement in her memoir WHAT HAPPENED Many women spoke out in support of her and her family and boyfriend were so lovely and wonderful in how uneuivocally they stood by her side I also got that sense that she felt powerfully vindicated by the MeToo movement and seeing so many women come forward even though the sheer number has grievous implications on how we as a society protect victims from abusers and prevent infrastructure that facilitates abuseSo after all this I m sure you re wondering if the book is THAT important why only three stars Because this book is so weighty so harrowing so dark reading it made me feel incredibly shitty And while I think that shitty feeling is something to hold on to and think about and remember whenever a woman comes forward about her abuser I really did not enjoy the book all that much I m giving it three stars because I loved the message and that Miller felt like she could share it and herself with us and I liked the writing style but this is not a book that should be read for pleasure and I would strongly encourage rape and sexual assault survivors to read this with caution as it contains many potential triggers that I think could be incredibly upsettingLike other critical reviewers of this memoir I also felt that it was long and unevenly paced I get that real life does not always move linearly like a story and that a sexual assault survivor shouldn t have to edit or censor their account to benefit the public but as a reader the length made it very difficult to get through especially considering the heaviness of the content I definitely think this memoir should be read by many others but please make sure you re in the right mental space to do soI m glad Chanel Miller told us her name3 stars

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She was known to the world as Emily Doe when she stunned millions with a letter Brock Turner had been sentenced to just six months in county jail after he was found sexually assaulting her on Stanford’s campus Her victim impact statement was posted on BuzzFeed where it instantly went viral–viewed by eleven million people within four days it was translated globally and read on the floor of Congress it inspired changes in California Know My PDFEPUBlaw and the recall of the judge in the case Thousands wrote to say that. Stunning An absolutely stunning memoir one of the best I have ever read In Know My Name Chanel Miller reclaims her identity after the press described her as unconscious intoxicated woman in the aftermath of when rapist Brock Turner assaulted her I remember feeling inspired impressed and in awe of Miller s victim impact statement as Emily Doe when it came out in 2016 Miller brings that same level of strength and elouence to this memoirWhen I read my favorite memoirists I get this feeling of familiarity this sense of okay I know who this person is I can really see them That s how I felt throughout reading Know My Name Miller takes back her power after having been reduced to an unconscious victim by writing beautifully and vulnerably about herself and her life both before and after the assault She includes so many heartwarming details that paint a picture of a woman who s a loving sister a witty artist and creator as well as a person who has insecurities like all of us do When I read details about her family like how she caught her younger sister s vomit in her hands to take care of her as a child or how she would listen to her dad sing along to music while cooking I felt this immense sense of gratitude and closeness like I wanted to thank her for making us remember that victims of trauma and assault are than just what happened to them Miller does a thorough job of detailing the impact of her trial itself too like how her sister had to continuously rearrange her school and work schedule because of court dates that kept getting delayed and how Miller drained her bank account to cover expenses such as buying appropriate clothing for courtMiller s writing itself is superb The way she details the moments after she woke up in the hospital how she describes her panic attacks and emotional outbursts in private and when she testified in court her narration of the painstaking climb to heal and recover herself in a world with so many people who sought to discredit her I felt like I was right there with her Her prose is incisive and gets to the point without embellishment and yet she still captures the full emotional rollercoaster of her lived experience I cried several times reading this memoir both because of the anguish her rapist and the patriarchal legal system put her through as well as because of how inspired and moved I felt by Miller s self awareness her fortitude and her courage in sharing her story She s put in hundreds and thousands of hours into processing this trauma and it shows in her insightfulness I highlighted so many uotes from this book so it feels hard to choose just a couple to show in this review but here s one I loved in which Miller describes her response after receiving kind letters from people who read her victim impact statement For the past year I had been raking through comments looking for signs of support I dug through opinion pieces in local newspapers searching for someone to stand up for me I locked myself in my car in parking lots crying into hotlines convinced I was losing my mind All year the loneliness had followed me in the stairwell at work in Philly in the wooden witness stand where I looked out at a near empty audience Yet all along there had been eyes watching me rooting for me from their own bedrooms cars stairwells and apartments all of us shielded inside our pain our fear our anonymity I was surrounded by survivors I was part of a we They had never been tricked into seeing me as a minor character a mute body I was the leader on the front line fighting with an entire infantry behind me They had been waiting for me to find justice This victory would be celebrated uietly in rooms in towns in states I had never been to For so long I d imagined myself wandering across a dry empty plain This card was the puddle The realization that just below the surface water led to streams to rivers to oceans That this was only the beginning I was not alone They had found me Miller gets political in this memoir too which is unsurprising given how intertwined her individual experience is to the political realities surrounding sexual assault and misogyny in the United States She calls out the legal system for its awful treatment of survivors she gently yet firmly describes Stanford s complicity and refusal to take action on behalf of survivors and she acknowledges her own Asian American identity that often got erased when the media described her as Emily Doe Again Miller s skill as a memoirist shows as she incorporates commentary about these broader systemic injustices while still sticking close to her truth and her own story As the feminist rallying cry goes the personal is political and Miller writes with precision and power about how the political landscape surrounding sexual violence affected her as well as how she herself altered the political landscape through her own perseverance and courage Overall I recommend this memoir to literally every human on this planet Again I cried several times mostly in reaction to Miller s profound pain perseverance and power While Miller does not go into the details of her assault some parts of this book may be triggering for those with similar trauma and assault related experiences Though I was not sexually assaulted I found Miller s voice and experiences a healing salve in my own journey with PTSD I can only hope that this book goes down as a classic Thank you to Chanel Miller for your voice and your courage I ll end the review with the last passage in the memoir a testament to Miller s beautiful heart I survived because I remained soft because I listened because I wrote Because I huddled close to my truth protected it like a tiny flame in a terrible storm Hold up your head when the tears come when you are mocked insulted uestioned threatened when they tell you you are nothing when your body is reduced to openings The journey will be longer than you imagined trauma will find you again and again Do not become the ones who hurt you Stay tender with your power Never fight to injure fight to uplift Fight because you know that in this life you deserve safety joy and freedom Fight because it is your life Not anyone else s I did it I am here Looking back all the ones who doubted or hurt or nearly conuered me faded away and I am the only one standing So now the time has come I dust myself off and go on

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    This book was amazing And I want you to know I'm not just saying that because this is the memoir of the woman who was sexually assaul

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    This is the best memoir I've read so far Miller thoroughly combs through the exhausting process of reporting rape and reliving trauma through frustratingly slow and dehumanizing trials I appreciate that she makes connections to how victims of police brutality are treated and similarly blamed and put through the wringer of

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    Stunning An absolutely stunning memoir one of the best I have ever read In Know My Name Chanel Miller reclaims her identity after the press described her as “unconscious intoxicated woman” in the aftermath of when rapist Brock Turner assaulted her I remember feeling inspired impressed and in awe of Miller’s victim impact statement as Emily Doe when it came out in 2016 Miller brings that same level of strength and elouence to this m

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    ‘i am a victim i have no ualms with this word only with the idea that it is all that i am’ previously known as emily doe when her victim

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    Everyone everyone everyone should read this bookThat's my review

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    Absolutely fucking incredible

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestUsually I can finish a book in just a few hours This book took me over twenty days to read Reading it was a highly unpleasant emotionally exhausting experience and I kept having to put it aside Chanel Miller in case you don't know who she is is the woman who was sexually assaulted b

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    “You took awayMy worth my privacyMy energyMy timeMy safetyMy intimacyMy confidenceMy own voiceUntil today”This story is fucking incredible moving brilliant I don't really have words to describe how this story moved me and how I

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    I'm going to be honest This book was hard to get through Not because of the topic but because it was too long and too repetitive I really respect Chanel Miller and I cannot believe how lucidly she analyzes her rape the trial and everything that followed Like everyone else I knew all the facts here but her analysis is insightful Still I wish her editor had helped cut out some of the chapters that were superfluous

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    4 stars Powerful Shocking Emotional Upsetting Inspiring Life changingThis is the memoir of an extremely admirable inspiring and empowering young woman who has given a voice to countless sexual assault victims Chane

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