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    “Calamity Jack” is a brilliant seuel to Shannon and Dean Hale’s ever popular classic “Rapunzel’s Revenge” and this graphic novel is

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    I usually don't like to use the word delightful because it reminds me of delicious so than I think of food and graphic novels are not

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    Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen ueen for TeensReadToocomJack has long been a trickster he's just not had the be

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    I loved Rapunzel’s Revenge so I figured I would love Calamity Jack as well In the end I did but it was a slow start Jack is a bit of a con artist and is not really very likable when we first meet him However he grows on you and once things started clicking I was cheating for him just as much as Rapunzel wasStill set in the odd

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    OkNot as good as Rapunzels Revenge

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    I had the pleasure of reading Rapunzel's Revenge for the 2008 Cybils Shortly after the Cybils ended Nathan Hale the illustrator posted sketches of the seuel Calamity Jack Thus began my year long obsession of waiting for the seuelOn page 50 of Rapunzel's Revenge Jack gives a uick explanation of why he's hiding out in the badlands of Gothel's

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    I was looking forward to read the seuel of Rapunzel's Revenge and it was fun to read but not necessarily as cool as the firstThe story has switched gears and our main character is Jack and as the reader we get to see what his past is all about and how did he ever get that goose? Well we get find out here and see Jack back in his hometurf I

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    We recently read Rapunzel's Revenge and were excited to see that there was a seuel to the story This second book in the s

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    I think Calamity Jack was better than the first book in the series It had a consistent pace and a larger cast of characters Of course there were a ton of characters in Rapunzel's Revenge but they were all very minor characters who were only an active part of the story for a few pages Pru and Freddie on the other hand were actually important characters and were there throughout the entire book The writing style is still s

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    I actually liked this better than the first one I love the character of Jack and really enjoyed finding out his backstory The jabberwocky and the bandersnatch were great too

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Summary Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Shannon Hale

Jack likes to think of himself as a criminal mastermindwith an unfortunate amount of bad luck A schemer plotter planner trickster swindlermaybe even thief One fine day Jack picks a target a lit. I usually don t like to use the word delightful because it reminds me of delicious so than I think of food and graphic novels are not food But somehow I just think this is delightful As a seuel to Rapunzel s Revenge it s pretty darn good Now we get the point of view of Jack obviously and he is a funny character It starts off pretty much right were Rapuzel s story leaves off It gives a uick background at what Jack was up to even before he met Rapuzel You know where he gets the magic beans and steals the goose Both Rapunzel and Jack are still a great team and the two new characters make it just that much funnier than the last I was interested in the story than I thought I would be too Just swallowed this up with ease I still prefer novels but as a graphic novel this is delightful Now I ve read nearly all of Hale s work

review Calamity Jack

Calamity Jack

Tle giant than the usual and one little bean turns into a great big building destroying beanstalkWith help from Rapunzel and her trusty braids a pixie from Jack's past and a man with inventions. OkNot as good as Rapunzels Revenge

Summary Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Shannon Hale

From the future they just might out swindle the evil giants and put his beloved city back in the hands of good peoplewhile catapulting themselves and readers into another fantastical adventure. We recently read Rapunzel s Revenge and were excited to see that there was a seuel to the story This second book in the series offers an unusual take on the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk with some interesting twists danger and some romance thrown in for good measureIt was a uick entertaining read and I enjoyed how the authors incorporated different fairy tales into the one story I love how spunky and adventurous Rapunzel is and I really enjoyed the graphic novel format I also liked Jack s dilemma about trying to make up for his wayward youth Our oldest also really enjoyed reading this book and we hope that stories will be forthcomingJuly 2017 update Reread this book following our children s book club meeting featuring graphic novels It s a terrific story and a fun fast read Certainly worth a second read