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Uccumbing to temptationONE KISS WILL CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOREVERWhen Hugh hires Alf to investigate the Lords of Chaos her worlds collide Once Hugh realizes that the boy and the Ghost are the same will Alf find the courage to become the woman she needs to be before the Lords of Chaos destroy them both. I read this for the Virgin suare heroine is one for Romance bingo35 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewHugh is the bastard son of the King but with the given title of Duke of Kyle he finds himself existing in two worlds Tasked with bringing down a secret society called The Lords of Chaos he finds he ll need some help from an unexpected source Alf was born and bred in St Giles and has masked her true identity as a woman since she was five years old However clashing with Hugh has brought desires and thoughts she never knew she could have To bring down The Lords of Chaos Hugh and Alf are going to have to work together and become who they were meant to be all along Never let them see you cry he d said Never show them your weakness If you ve been a freuent Maiden Lane series reader you ll remember Alf We ve had fleeting glimpses of her and how she has navigated and survived St Giles It s hard for me to get excited about the woman dressed as a man trope because of its past freuency but Alf s reasons weren t frivolous done for comic relief or scandal Dressing as a boy was survival for Alf and Hoyt did a great job showing how this seemingly innocuous action emotionally shaped Alf how it affected her thought processes and how it psychologically wore on her I ve said it before but I miss how long romance books used to be and I think this particular story would have benefited greatly from a longer page count The first 40% or so gave us a wonderful building up of Hugh and Alf we got to know them separately I cared about these characters and my anticipation for them to come together was only heightened because I had the solid foundation for how right their relationship was going to be I miss this gradual weaving that seems to be left behind for instant lust and gratification Even though I was anxious to see them together I was a little disappointed when it did happen Not because I didn t feel they belonged together but because Hugh s love felt a bit instant He doesn t know Alf is a woman until around the 40% mark and while he knew the Ghost of St Giles was a woman and felt drawn to her he didn t know it was Alf I think he had 3 or 4 encounters with the Ghost they are sexually attracted to one another but their conversations aren t lengthy or anything It felt to me like a uick loving without knowing because Alf was basically unknown to him He admired her even as he feared for her I liked the bonus of Alf being the Ghost of St Giles even if I felt she didn t get to shine in the role as much as others I would have liked to have seen scenes with her and St Godric Hugh s support and belief in Alf as a competent being was one of his sexiest attributes and how it was obvious that he completely accepted Alf for who she was Their star gazing scene was my favorite and I thought beautifully showcased the author s talent for creating two characters that felt so right for one another even if I felt it was a bit rushed I like the villainous Lords of Chaos storyline but they were somewhat regulated to naked men in animal masks here and I wanted a little of their workings or stratagems I hope there s to their plot than occasional nighttime naked gatherings to unsuccessfully rape women Don t misunderstand I m very glad they re unsuccessful but there were rumblings about how they infect all of society even the government I d like a new devious plotThe ending felt a bit awkward to me with a misunderstanding you could see a mile away and a resolution that came super uick The lack of building conversations between our leads before the love made it feel instant I want to clarify though that I felt this couple belonged together I just wanted scenes to prove and deepen what I was feeling I ll definitely be reading the next in the series because I liked Iris the heroine of the next right off the bat and am intrigued by the dark and scarred hero Hoyt s talent in creating a world and characters can t be denied but I hope she s given pages to really let them breathe and take off

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Duke of Pleasure

Clever Courageously independent Alf has survived on the perilous streets of St Giles by disguising her sex Duke of PDF or By day she is a boy dealing in information and secrets By night she's the notorious Ghost of St Giles a masked vigilante But as she saves Hugh from assassins she finds herself s. I ve given this an A at AAR so that s 45 stars rounded upAmazingly we ve reached the eleventh of Elizabeth Hoyt s books and the author shows no sign of running out of steam Duke of Pleasure is another strong addition to the series a beautifully written well paced story that achieves just the right balance between romance and action and which is in part a charming Cinderella type story that sees everyone s favourite street urchin Alf get her man in the shape of the formidable Hugh Fitzroy Duke of KyleAlf has made brief appearances in a number of books in the series most prominently in the previous one Duke of Sin in which she was employed by the Duke of Montgomery as a spyinformant She lives in the stews of St Giles and is ideally placed to ferret out information about the many nefarious deeds that are cooked up in its numerous rookeries and gin palaces and has been instrumental in helping our heroes to uncover and foil a number of evil schemes Not many of those heroes however know that Alf is anything other than the boy on the edge of manhood she pretends to be Left on the streets of St Giles when she was just five years old Alf was fortunate to be taken under the wing of a lad called Ned who looked after her and told her that it would be safest for her to live as a boy as a girl she would be almost certain to end up working on her back and sooner rather than later given the proclivities of some of the visitors to the district s brothels Now aged twenty one Alf continues to pass as a boy and has spent so many years living as one that it s practically impossible for her to imagine doing otherwise or even wanting toRecently however in addition to her daytime disguise Alf has taken on another identity that of the Ghost of St Giles the masked crusader who leaps from rooftop to rooftop dropping to the streets to lend assistance usually armed assistance to those in danger uick witted agile and skilled with her blades one night she leaps into the fray to aid a single man being attacked by a large group a man she has met once before when she was Montgomery s employ and who at that time wanted her to work against him That doesn t stop Alf though and she helps the man to fend off his attackers pausing only to pull him to her for a kiss before running off into the nightHugh Fitzroy the Duke of Kyle a bastard son of the King George II is pretty sure who is out for his blood a dangerous group of men who term themselves the Lords of Chaos a select club that indulges its members unnatural tastes for satanic rites blood sacrifice and many other degenerate practices In the previous book Kyle was tasked with discovering the identities of the Lords and bringing them down but even though the man believed to be its leader the Duke of Dy is now dead it seems the Lords are thriving and are as determined to stop Kyle as he is to hunt them down Fighting for his life he is amazed at the sight of the slight figure coming to his aid and even surprised to discover that the Ghost of St Giles is a womanThe story of the duke and the street urchin may be highly implausible but it s thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless Kyle is an upstanding honourable man who has cultivated the art of self control to a high degree His marriage to a society beauty with whom he was head over heels in love was a tempestuous one founded on an explosive passion which ultimately led to disappointment and disaster He adores his two young sons and deeply regrets that he missed so much of their early childhoods because he couldn t face living with his difficult now deceased wife As a result he is mistrustful of strong feelings and convinced that giving into them again will only lead to pain and sorrow Yet there s something about Alf her resilience her courage and her free spirited nature that calls to him and begins to turn attraction into something Alf has become so used to her life as a boy that the idea of living as a woman is thoroughly alien to her She can t imagine feeling comfortable or safe as anything else so when Hugh asks her to accompany him to a society event as a woman in order to help him to look for evidence against the Lords her initial reaction is to refuse But when she realises that there really is no one else able to do what she can she musters her courage and agrees willing to set aside her own fears to help the man she has come to loveIt s the working relationship between the couple that does much to bridge the immense social gap between them Hugh may be a duke but he respects people for who they are and what they can do and nowhere in the book is this apparent than the couple of times where he gives Alf knowing her to be a woman a dangerous task perform fully confident that she is up to it Of course he struggles against his instinct to protect her but he also knows she s capable and trusts her to get the job done and I loved that about himMs Hoyt does a wonderful job in showing the depth of Hugh s love for his two sons who are both written in such a way as to come across as actual children and not just cutesy moppet plot devices Hugh s confusion at the way that his elder boy Kit seems so angry at him all the time is palpable and to see this big powerful confident man at a loss as to how to build a relationship with these little boys makes for some moments of true poignancy in the storyThe author also delivers a perfectly lovely romance full of passion tenderness and understanding all ingredients that bring readers flocking to her books time after time The chemistry between Alf and Kyle leaps off the page the love scenes are a delicious mix of sweet sexy and earthy and there s a real sense of euality to their relationship that allows it to work in spite of their difference in station We all love a good rags to riches story once in a while don t weMs Hoyt s writing is lush and wonderfully intelligent her characterisation is extremely strong throughout and as ever the descriptions of the less salubrious areas of London are so evocative as to put the reader in the middle of those dank smelly and dangerous streets A passionate romance wrapped around a thrilling suspense story Duke of Pleasure really is a pleasure and I devoured it in a couple of sittings Fans of historical romance shouldn t miss it

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IN THE ARMS OF DANGERBold Brave Brutally handsome Hugh Fitzroy the Duke of Kyle is the king's secret weapon Sent to defeat the notorious Lords of Chaos he is ambushed in a London alley and rescued by an unlikely ally a masked stranger with the unmistakable curves of a womanIN THE HEAT OF DESIRECocky. Duke of Pleasure by Elizabeth Hoyt is a 2016 Grand Central Publication A delectable mix of danger and passion The eleventh installment in the Maiden Lane series finally gives fans the story they ve been waitng for When Hugh the Duke of Kyle is attacked Alf saves him He then commissions himher to help him ferret out the members of the Lords of Chaos But when Alf is injured she moves in with Hugh to recuperate and uickly becomes a favorite of Hugh s children Kit and Peter But living under the same roof with Hugh has the inevitable result when he figures out that the Elfin boy he s hired is a girl However he still respects Alf s ability to help him but not in a way Alf would ever have considered until now The scruffy boy everyone knows will soon be transformed into a beautiful and dangerously seductive woman although she remains unaware of her power until Hugh awakens a longing in her she s never experienced before This is one of the best books I ve read in this series While there is some disdain toward Cinderella type stories these days this one does have that rags to riches trope going on in the background and frankly I liked it But have no fear Alf remains the strong independent character we know and love while growing into a feminine young woman filled with passion and desire I loved watching her blossom and receive all the good things in life she deservesHugh is a man I respect and admire He never wavers in his faith in Alf even after discovering her secret He treats her as an eual admires her courage and trust her in a way he unable to trust most anyone else Through her he learns to love again and is able to become a better father and a better man This story is filled to overflowing with adventure danger and intrigue but also with deliciously witty and seductive dialogue with strong themes of faith and trust and most importantly hope Overall this is a very very solid outing for EH I thoroughly enjoyed this historical romance a genre I ve been holding at arm s length these days So if I m giving it a thumbs up it s good Really good 45 stars

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    4 Stars1742London EnglandThe Ghost of St Giles is back This was a thrilling suspenseful riveting and gripping read Elizabeth Hoyt stands out in the historical genre with her tales of suspense the intrigue and the mystery an

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    There are a couple of tropes here the girl dressed up as a boy and then the Eliza Doolittle thing where they teach her to be a lady Neither of those are my favorite thing Adding to that is the fact that the author brought back the very very played out storyline of the Ghost of Saint Giles Just let it go already Nobody likes the stupid Ghost It's about the lamest thing everOops forgot about lumbersexuals The Ghost of Saint Giles is the secon

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    Duke of Pleasure by Elizabeth Hoyt is a 2016 Grand Central Publication A delectable mix of danger and passion The eleventh installment in the Maiden Lane series finally gives fans the story they've been waitng for When Hugh the Duke of Kyle is attacked Alf saves him He then commissions himher to help him ferret out the members of the ‘Lord

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    Review posted on The Eater of Books blogDuke of Pleasure by Elizabeth HoytBook Eleven of the Maiden Lane seriesPublisher Grand Central PublishingPublication Date November 29 2016Rating 4 starsSource eARC from NetGalleyWarning this is an adult book and for the eyes of mature readersSummary from GoodreadsIN THE ARMS OF DANGERBold Brave Brutally handsome Hugh Fitzroy the Duke of Kyle is the king's secret weapon Sent to defeat the notorious L

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    4 A buddy read with the Historical Romance Buffs at the MacHalo Freaks Hugh Fitzroy the Duke of Kyle is the one we met in last book and his gruffness and primary function in his father's service yes he is the bastard son of the king which is something in between a fixer and a clean up after intelligence leaks and bad mojo for the royals He is not appreciated and his failing marriage with the mother of his children had driven him

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    I've given this an A at AAR so that's 45 stars rounded upAmazingly we’ve reached the eleventh of Elizabeth Hoyt’s books and the author shows no sign of running out of steam Duke of Pleasure is another strong addition to the series a beau

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    Alf in the face of a dismal childhood was a spirited young woman with a zest for life Growing up on the streets of St Giles could wreck anyone but Alf has survived and kept herself safe by posing as a boy earning her way as an inform

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    He was like a star in the night sky above and she but a sparrow No matter how high she might try to fly she’d never reach him This series just continues in strength Maiden Lane is definitely one of the best HR series’ out there Oh she wanted him this aristocrat this duke this rich cove built like a prizefighter She wanted him

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    I read this for the Virgin suare heroine is one for Romance bingo35 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an

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    I just raised the rating to 5 stars from 4 per my original read This might even be my favorite Lords of Chaos book if not the fav i

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