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    This is a promising debut and I’m really happy to have a chance to read it because learning about different cultures their traditions approaches perspectives turned me into a excited child who is happy to discover new co

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    25 stars Trigger warning for surprise pregnancy loss of a child loss of a loved one and traumatic childbirth I want to start out with

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    Okay um I can't get into this review until we acknowledge how RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS this cover is Oh? My? God? It's one of my favorites of 2020 hands downJane Igharo's Ties That Tether is a wonderful debut with a powerful underlying message ab

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    This is an interesting romantic debut from a Nigerian Canadian author Being Nigerian myself and a lover of Nigerian romance this seemed like it would be an excellent match for me I’ve read this with mixed emotions the summary of wh

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    I have nothing Nothing could have been changed Nothing could have enhanced this story Nothing could be better Nothing can change my mind PerfectionFurther RTC 🖤

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    This book was absolutely beautiful I loved it so so much I enjoyed getting to know Azere and learn about her Nigerian culture The Ties That Tether did an amazing job of bringing to light the beauty and the richness that comes from in an intercultural relationship This book really made you uestion how well do you know yourself and what makes you you? This book gets all the stars from me A must read I want to thank Netgalley and Be

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    free review copy 5 stars for originality in romance AMEN for a voice and story from a culture Nigerian Canadian not seen often if at all in contemporary romance 🙌🏼 3 stars for parts of the writing that seeme

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    At first glance Ties That Tether might seem to be just another contemporary romance But really it’s so much Right off the bat we

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    I was really excited to read this book as a first generation Nigerian American I knew this story will resonate with me and feel as personal as it ended up being This story wasn't as much a love story as it was a Coming of Age story where the heroine had to find her own way in life Much like the heroine Azere I was often subjected to my parent's constant stressing about the importance of not losing cultural iden

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    455 ☆ 5DISCLAIMER Thanks to Penguin Random House Global for the e galley in exchange for an honest reviewTrigger Warnings view spoilertraumatic childbirth mentions of deaths hide spoiler

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review Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Jane Igharo

When a Nigerian woman falls for a man she knows will break her mother’s heart she must choose between love and her familyAt twelve years old Azere promised her dying father she would marry a Nigerian man and preserve her culture even after emigrating to Canada Her mother has been vigilant about helping forcing her to stay well within the Nigerian datin. Okay um I can t get into this review until we acknowledge how RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS this cover is Oh My God It s one of my favorites of 2020 hands downJane Igharo s Ties That Tether is a wonderful debut with a powerful underlying message about trying to figure out who you are when straddling completely different cultures that can at the surface seem totally incompatible I rooted for Azere almost immediately and not just because she s a huge rom com fan like moi and Rafael was a charming AF love interest Some of the dialogue was a little awkward at times and a few key moments were glazed over a tad uicker than I would ve liked but overall this novel offered something different and much needed in a genre that continues to expand its ownvoices offerings and provide different perspectives It s around 35 stars for me and I rounded upI m INCREDIBLY excited to see what else Janne Igharo has up her sleeve she s one to watchContent warning Discussions about death of loved ones

review Ties That Tether

Ties That Tether

G pool ever since But when another match made by mom goes wrong Azere ends up at a bar enjoying the company and later sharing the bed of Rafael Castellano a Ties That Epubman who is tall handsome and whiteWhen their one night stand unexpectedly evolves into something serious Azere is caught between her growing feelings for Rafael and the compulsive need. This is an interesting romantic debut from a Nigerian Canadian author Being Nigerian myself and a lover of Nigerian romance this seemed like it would be an excellent match for me I ve read this with mixed emotions the summary of which is that on the balance of things I think it s alright and I appreciate the story the author wanted to tell and really respected the own voices nature of that story about culture and love and assimilation and the fear of losing your heritage and disappointing your generationsStarting with the positives this story is undoubtedly own voices the author captured the nuances of a common Nigerian experience especially for Nigerian immigrants growing up in the disapora but this experience is even applicable locally I read book with similar themes recently that was very well written but that WASN T own voices and reading this book I can tell that the author understands this cultural experience and expectation because of her sympathy with Azere I love that the author approached this theme and the relationship between Nigerian mothers and daughters which can be filled with such sacrificial care but also fraught with manipulation and misunderstanding and pressure I love the moment in the book where Azere and her mother talk about conditional love because I feel like this is such an important theme in Nigerian parent child relationships This book made me think about the inherent societal pressures there are on parents for their children to conform to inherited culture and not bring shame to the family and how that pressure is inherited by kids to know that the weight of their parents community s and ancestor s expectations are on them I definitely related to Azere s desire to suppress things and pretend that everything was fine I think this was strongest in the selected theme and for the most part the plotWhere this struggled a bit for me was in the execution The protagonists didn t feel full bodied to me Azere came across as immature because we never really got to know her and what she wanted as a character and who she really was outside of being her mother s daughter Rafael s reluctant lover Efe s sister Christina s friend I didn t know what her dreams were what she wanted from life whether she liked her job how she felt about her society etc What little we saw of what kind of friend and sister she was didn t really sell her as a character to root for We didn t know her as a human outside the major conflict of this novel Rafael was also to me a bit of a shell we didn t know much about him either except that he was in love with Azere at first sight but not uite why Even when he made his big declaration at the disastrous family dinner it seemed out of left field as cute and delightfully awwwwww some as it was it felt a little hollow because we didn t know him as a character what does he like outside of Azere who is he as a person what did he feel about being in a multicultural relationship what was his reaction to the pushback from Azere s family I felt the character development was a little surface y And I think as a reader knowing the character s better would have made this a stronger read than it was As it was I still enjoyed reading this story I just think this aspect could have been strongerI freuently found the way the story was revealed a little clunky The dialogue to me wasn t always realistic and the plot felt a little jumpy and not seamless and I think part of this might be teething issues with this being the author s first book and also with the author writing a romance that she wanted to appeal to both own voices readers and a mass foreign audience I wish the author hadn t always felt the need to explain everything but had just let the book rest on what she wrote for example every element of Nigerian culture or sayings explained in great detail every reference to a Nigerian cultural icon like Tiwa Savage Patience Ozokwor Simi etc explained in great detail rom com movie references being given mini analysesrecaps it just felt a little too much I ve read many books even romances with cultural references that I didn t know and if I was interested I Googled to learn and if I wasn t interested I kept it moving The needing to glossarize every reference often pulled me out of the plot and it skewed this book for me into not really being for readers with romantically underrepresented cultural experiences but a book for Westerners to have an insight into an aspect of Nigerian culture The other issue I experienced with this is something I sometimes see in interracial romances where in order to justify the relationship with the white character the ethnic protagonist must always somehow drag every relationship they ve had with dating someone from their culture It s like well I ve tried dating people from my culturerace and they were toxic messes and so that justifies me dating this person from a different race These sorts of implied or overt narratives really irk me After all is it because of their race that this new love interest is goodrespectfulkind or is it because they are who they are This book portrayed dateable Nigerian men in a certain light and whilst I don t disagree that there s a concerning proliferation of Nigerian f boys I think this aspect of the book was a little clunkily expressed and fell a bit into that trap interracial romances sometimes do All in all I think this is a good story a very recognizable story to many people who struggle to find a balance and hold on to their culture and heritage in the middle of that space between the inevitability of cultural assimilation and the fear of loss and separation from heritage that breeds cultural fundamentalism I appreciate the author trying to bring it into mainstream romance I appreciate her for showing that love can win and culture doesn t have to be sacrificed The execution wasn t my favourite but this was a debut and the author wrote a book that was interesting enough that I didn t put it down till I finished once I started Many thanks to Berkley Publishing for gifting me this free book

review Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Jane Igharo

To please her mother who will never accept a relationship that threatens to dilute Azere's Nigerian heritage Azere can't help wondering if loving Rafael makes her any less of a Nigerian Can she be with him without compromising her identity The answer will either cause Azere to be audacious and fight for her happiness or continue as the compliant daughter. At first glance Ties That Tether might seem to be just another contemporary romance But really it s so much Right off the bat we know that Azere has done something completely out of character After a terrible first date with yet another mom approved man Azere decides to cool off by having a drink in the hotel bar where an attractive stranger strikes up a conversation with her After talking for hours they end up in bed and have a fantastic night together but Azere leaves uietly the next morning never intending to see him againAzere is Nigerian Canadian born and raised in a village that she remembers fondly until her father s death when she was 12 years old led the family to immigrate to Canada under the protection of her paternal uncle While Azere and her sister Efe learned to become Canadian Azere s mother holds the girls to their heritage and most of all she holds Azere to the promise she made to her father on his deathbed To marry a Nigerian Edo manAzere feels guilt over her one night stand because she s never been with a non Nigerian man before but intends to move on and be a dutiful daughter once again until the man in uestion Rafael shows up in her office as a new hire with whom she ll be working closely Rafael is white of Spanish decent and is nothing like the type of man her mother would approve of But there s an undeniable chemistry between the two of them and then something complicates matters further no spoilers from me in a way that guarantees that Azere and Rafael will have to deal with their feelings for one anotherBesides the terrific connection between Azere and Rafael this book really shines when it comes to exploring the immigrant experience spotlighting the pressure to be loyal to one s heritage while at the same time trying to establish a new life in a new worldAzere is a wonderful character She adores romantic movies which I find incredibly endearing She can pull out rom com uotes or comparisons for seemingly any occasion and it s just so cuteAzere tries so hard to be the good daughter her mother expects but her mother leaves her no room for anything but the way she thinks she should be going so far as to threaten to disown Azere if she persists in a relationship with Rafael It s a terrible situation and the author lets us see the awful pain Azere experiences being forced to choose her family or the man she loves with no middle ground availableThe book does a very convincing job of showing the challenges of being an outsider in a new country particularly for children who are expected to live up to family expectations and keep traditions alive yet whose day to day existence can be brutal at an age where differences can mean exclusion Only by adjusting their clothing food and other outward signs of their culture can Azere and Efe finally make friends and fit in as young girlsThe writing is lovely letting us inside Azere s head and occasionally Rafael s showing the heightened emotions of falling in love without going too far over the top and sometimes surprising with how powerful simple words can beThe course of true love never did run smooth so of course there are all sorts of issues beyond the cultural differences that stand between Azere and Rafael Still given the nature of romances there s never any doubt that these two will end up together it s just a uestion of how and how long it will takeThe author like Azere immigrated from Nigeria to Canada at age 12 and it s obvious that she knows what s she s talking about Azere s struggles and experiences feel authentic and realistically portrayed She s a wonderful main character and I loved seeing the care and thoughtfulness she devotes to fulfilling her own romantic destiny while not discarding her family heritageI really enjoyed this book start to finish It s a uick and captivating read that pulled me in right from the start The romance itself is terrific full of steam and attraction as well as true emotion and vulnerability If anything Rafael is maybe a shade too perfect and even though Azere has cause to distrust him we readers know perfectly well that he s hiding bits of his past for valid reasons and can guess what those reasons are As a couple Rafael and Azere are easy to root for they re just so right for each otherTies That Tether is a delight Don t miss it Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley Full review at Bookshelf Fantasies