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Him standing in the crosswalk on Man Who Saw MOBI #245 Abbey Road an homage to the famous album cover As he waits for her to arrive he is grazed by an oncoming car which changes the trajectory of his life The Man Who Saw Everything is about the difficulty of seeing ourselves and others clearly It greets the specters that come back to haunt old and. So this is a novel about how some people need to be careful crossing roads Basically that s all The rest is pointless meandering between locations times discussions between some random characters who do nothing for the plot oh yeah there s no plot to do anything for How convenient There was supposed to be some mystery somewhere and it was about as undewhelming as to be absolutely invisible No I found one mystery about it why was this paragon of averageness rated so highly No ideaWe start at 5 stars1 star for the gorgeous cover I never would have pickied this one up if not for it being so magnetic1 star for a couple of uotes I actually liked 1 star for total lack of plot There s no rhyme or reason to this volume 1 star for having a geniune hard on for Stalin In all seriousness he s mentioned on every other page Is this trying to be propaganda fiction Is it why this absolutely worthless book got the glowing reception and even some awards nominations It s like this throughout the book It s an unconscious thought crime I said Stalin knew about those and wanted to assassinate anyone who had them which is all of us c Come oooon How do you get to know what anyone wanted He might have wanted an oversized pizza for all we can know today 1 star Genuinely bad dialogue So Karl Thomas I leaned over the chair and saw he had an ace in his hand have you learned your ten commandments for the new socialist human What s that Don t you belong to a youth group The Young Pioneers or the Free German Youth I m English he said And my name is Elijah c And I was looking at Donatello s David and I was trying to figure out if the penis is what makes a man a man I know you liked my penis She laughed I did Rainer was standing next to us I m sorry to hear about your father he said We were just talking about my penis Rainer c 1 star Lots of ramblingI was not happy but he was not in the mood to indulge my middle aged melancholy though he was not unkind I explained that I was functioning okay I could hold a conversation and argue coherently with friends in the pub and walk across town and look respectable My clothes were clean no buttons missing on my shirts no one would know I was indifferent to making it to my sixtieth year I now lectured on post communist Eastern Europe My students could not afford the uncontrolled rising rents in the cities and lived with their ageing parents Walter had lost some of his hair It was now cropped close to his head his face was thinner he wore spectacles with light aluminium frames c Is it just me or is it straight our rambling You still have your lips he said as if he were still taking notes Did you ever write your report on our economic miracle Yes I did I engaged supportively with the realities of life in the GDR He laughed his excellent laugh head back new teeth bared it was very open and sexy cSo overall this is 2 starsI smiled at his careful reconstruction of history blatantly told in his favour cI told him not to be sorry because my father had died many times The first time he died was around thirty years ago I had got used to him dying and coming back to life and then dying again c Jennifer Yes Saul I have to tell you something Go ahead I am in love with someone else I am in deep with a man Who Walter M ller I want to spend the rest of my life with him That s old news she said That was when you were twenty eight By the way I am in love with a man too cDid she want to study the length of my toes and check if they were harmoniously and evenly spaced c Of course Not Yes He was still stroking my arm with his new gentle fingers You and I read the New Yorker in our armchairs We wake up together and take it in turns to make toast Our garden is blooming The blackberries are ripening Morphine silvered my tongue lifted it this way and that way I chased it trying to bite its ripening into truth but it was too late Everyone is replaceable I said but your love is not the love I want Jack was looking in the direction of the stainless steel lift After a while he stood up and I walked him over to it I suppose he said it offers me an exit from your cruelty I thought that he was lonely in every time and so was I c This was supposed to be uirky and emboldenedGiven that she was always going on about my own sublime beauty I wondered if it meant anything c Ewww Please Herr M ller we want to know about your English friend Saul Adler Will you help usYesWhat is the meaning of this line here In this letter he has written to youThe words mean to put the palm of his hand or his fingertips on the stomach of his correspondent to better understand how he is feelingAnd what is the feelingFriendshipWhy would a man place his hand on the stomach of another man to better understand a feelingYou will have to interrogate the handDid you have sexual relations with your English friend Saul AdlerIf you are asking me if I have plans to leave the East and live elsewhere I have no plans to leaveWhat is the meaning of this sentence here referring to the Baltic Sea in winterThe words mean the correspondent wishes to see the Baltic Sea in winterAnd is the Baltic Sea a code for something else in this contextYou will have to interrogate the Baltic SeaNo we will interrogate your sister instead We believe she is pregnant with Herr Adler s child Is this your understanding tooYou will have to interrogate his penis c That s an interesting possibility

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The Man Who Saw Everything

New love previous and current incarnations of Europe conscious and unconscious transgressions and real and imagined betrayals while investigating the cyclic nature of history and its reinvention by people in power Here Levy traverses the vast reaches of the human imagination while artfully blurring sexual and political binaries feminine and masculin. LONGLISTED FOR THE 2019 BOOKER PRIZESaul Adler is shocked than bewildered when his girlfriend Jennifer Moreau not only flatly turns down his marriage proposal but tells him that they are finished and that he can grab his stuff and leave Here we get a glimpse of the prose that will follow because my marriage proposal had sunk to the bottom of the sea I was shipwrecked amongst the empty oyster shells with their jagged sharp edges and I could taste Jennifer Moreau on my fingers and lips Earlier in the day Saul had been hit by a car while crossing Abby Road the crossing made famous by the Beatle s Album cover which was their last record produced at EMI studios close by The old man who was driving the car Wolfgang stops to make sure he is ok A strange conversation ensues The man seems very interested in Saul and asks some personal uestions that seem inappropriate in the circumstances He also has a rectangular object which seems to be spitting out obscenities At the time Saul has no idea of the ramifications and just how much change this little accident will set in motionSaul is an historian and in three days he will travel to East Germany to write about its history and struggles with fascism It is 1988 and the Berlin Wall still splits the country in two separating the communists from the capitalists Saul is given access to the archives but in return he must write a favourable essay focussing on education and health care etcWe find very uickly that Saul was bullied badly growing up verbally from his father and physically from his brotherThings start to go a little surreal when Saul returns home and decides to order some flowers to be delivered to Jennifer He is looking for sunflowers on his third attempt a man who Saul believes to have given his name as Mike says he cannot understand the language he is talking in when asked what to write on the card Saul realises that he has been talking in German When he eventually finishes and thanks Mike the man says his name is not Mike The man tells Saul to take care just like the old man Wolfgang from the accident in the morningAs the narrative continues and strange little details start to pop up Things that are slightly different to his perception of them A photo that Jennifer took of him crossing Abby Road shows him barefoot but he is sure he was wearing shoes An old lady who lives in his building and has crippling arthritis using a zimmer frame to walk tells him she is going to a Polish shop to buy a poppy cake but he cannot recall a Polish shop being where she says it is Lost in thought for a few moments thinking about this he is then startled to see the old lady walking rapidly to the bus stop with no sign of any arthritis or the walking frameThis continues with every little detail every occurrence that Saul encounters being strangely even if only slightly nuanced from his initial perception At this point the reader must start to wonder if Saul has been injured in the crossing accident Maybe a form of concussionWhen he is in East Germany objects initiate memories that he seemingly knows nothing about The sight of a little red train I had seen that train before or dreamed it or even buried it and here it was returning like a spectre to torment me He also describes the unification of Germany and the fall of communism in Russia the end of the Cold War to his translator Walter exactly how it happens in the future Later he does the same with Walter s sister Luna again foretelling a future with complete confidence and certainty that he is correctThe second part of the book jumps to 2016 and I feel that if I told any of the narrative at this point it would rob the novel of its greatest strength It is extremely cleverly written and as the reader progresses through this second part of the novel light will be shed and understanding slowly is realised Levy s job of taking the reader inside Saul s head and experiencing what he is experiencing is simply superb The narrative is slowly pieced together from a fractured a word used extensively throughout this novel damaged mind The reader along with Saul must sort through these fragmented and sometimes contradictory memories to discover who he really is and what has happenedI may be a little biased because I love these types of novels A novel that you will return to and just like Saul pick up connections and points that you may have missed upon the first read Wonderful 5 Stars

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It is and Who Saw Kindle #215 Saul Adler a narcissistic young historian has been invited to Communist East Berlin to do research in exchange he must publish a favorable essay about the The Man MOBI #224 German Democratic Republic As a gift for his translator's sister a Beatles fanatic who will be his host Saul's girlfriend will shoot a photograph of. On the Booker LonglistFor those readers who need to be on sure and certain ground in their reading this latest Deborah Levy novel is not for them Levy makes few compromises here she raises many uestions and often than not declines to provide any answers there are nebulous fragmented uncertain and unreliable realities memories and history In 1988 a young self obsessed Jewish historian Saul Adler is hit by a car on the Abbey Road the iconic Abbey Road that the Beatles are photographed on the famous cover of their 1969 album Saul suffers no serious injuries although his art photographer girlfriend Jennifer Moreau breaks up with him to head to the US whilst he takes up a research opportunity in East Germany the GDR with the Stasi engaged in state surveillance of its people Saul is to find love with his translator Walter Muller and his sister Luna obsessed with trying to escape from BerlinIn 2016 Saul is once again hit by a car on the famous Abbey Road and taken to hospital where he receives visitors at his bedside Nothing is as it appears in this novel where everything is disputed including perceptions of the self and others and history is Saul s father the authoritarian he is portrayed as Whilst there is surveillance personal family and state what is observed and what is not Is Saul dead or not This was an emotionally engaging wide ranging novel thought provoking and challenging of dichotomies the past and present the old Europe and the New fluid sexuality Brexit betrayals conspiracies identity and what it is to live a life Many thanks to Penguin UK for an ARC

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    I loved this novel it is impossible to explain WHY it is good without spoiling it which I worry will deflate readerly expectation The first 98 pages are a very good slightly surreal novel about Saul Adler a beautiful young man who tra

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    On the Booker LonglistFor those readers who need to be on sure and certain ground in their reading this latest Deborah Levy novel is not for them Levy makes few compromises here she raises many uestions and often than not declines to provide an

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    I was intrigued and puzzled from the very first paragraph beginning in London 1988Saul Adler says“I was thinking about how Jennifer Moreau had

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    Nominated for the Booker Prize 2019Nominated for the Goldsmiths Prize 2019Deborah Levy's new novel certainly tells a captivating st

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    Now unsurprisingly shortlisted for the 2019 Goldsmith Prize perhaps a better fit for this brilliant book than the Booker PrizeRe read following its longlisting for the 2019 Booker Prize and upgraded twice to 5 a

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    So this is a novel about how some people need to be careful crossing roads Basically that's all The rest is pointless meandering between locations times discussions between some random characters who do nothing for the plot oh yeah

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    It’s London in 1988 and Saul Adler a Jewish historian is preparing for a visit to East Berlin He’s been invited to visit the GDR on the understanding that he’ll write a glowing paper on the economic miracle he finds there As a gift for the sister of his German host who is known to be infatuated with the Beatles he’s asked his photographer girlfriend to take a picture of him crossing Abbey Road as Joh

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    Update Aug 11 Since my ARC disappears in a week and now that I am delighted to say it HAS made the Booker longlist I wanted to re read it and see if it held up as well as in my initial read and also see if I could glean even meaning on a second go round Reading it or less in a single sitting and with some foreknowledge of what transpires did help me to ferret out some additional connections and resonances I mi

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    LONGLISTED FOR THE 2019 BOOKER PRIZESaul Adler is shocked than bewildered when his girlfriend Jennifer Moreau not only flatly turns down his marriage proposal but tells him that they are finished and that he can grab his stuff and leave Here we get a glimpse of the prose that will follow “because my marriage proposal had sunk to the bottom

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    For the first half of The Man Who Saw Everything I was hooked It’s the 80s and beautiful Saul and peevish Jennifer have just broken up prior to Saul’s research trip to East Berlin Why does Saul hear a typewr