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This book is not comforting it does not reassure It does not teach anything a decent person needs to know It is a book about BDSM but it will teach you nothing about tying knots swinging floggers or spanking It does not attempt to reach the vanilla public This book addresses cont.

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The Forked Tongue Revisited

Ary to cement lasting alteration and unforgettable experiences for those few who truly crave them Note The is the revisited addition that includes additional transcriptions from classes and lectures as well as memorial content that sheds additional light on the author and his work.

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Rol it The Forked PDF addresses change The recreational uses of humiliation conditioning psychological torture hypnotism and interrogation techniues are explored and laid bare broken into usable steps and understandable applicable concepts It is a workshop of ruin the tools necess.

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    I'm putting this one aside but intend to come back to it at a time where I may be able to absorb it It's written with a very ominous tone which is pretty appropriate but isn't where I'm at right now

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    Interesting ideas but also has very shaky and problematic views on consent Take with a pound of salt

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    Be fore warned this book is not meant for those first entering the world of Kink Was recommended to me by a mutual friend on FetLife Is filled with incredible material for anyone who is studiously interested in learning about edge play in depth written by a man who unfortunately is no longer with us with a vast amount of experience If this is