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An entertaining and Joy of PDF #197 insightful exploration of schadenfreude the deliciously dark and complex joy we've all felt from time to time at news of others' misfortunes You might feel schadenfreude whenthe boss calls himself Head of Pubic Services on an important lettera cool guy swings back on his chair and it tips overa Celebrity Vegan is caught in the cheese aislean aggressive driver cuts you off and then gets pulled overyour co worker heats up fish in the microwave then gets food poisoningan urban unicyclist almost collides with a parked. I found parts of this book to be LOL funny The author takes a topic getting mirth from someone else s mishap The boo

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Schadenfreude The Joy of Another's Misfortune

Carsomeone cuts the Schadenfreude The PDF or line for the ATM and then it swallows their cardyour effortlessly attractive friend gets dumpedWe all know the pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune The Germans named this furtive delight in another's failure schadenfreude from schaden damage and freude joy and it has perplexed philosophers and psychologists for centuries Why can it be so satisfying to witness another's distress And what if anything should we do about it Schadenfreude illuminates this hidden emotion inviting readers to reflect on it. A great little assessment of a curious psychological phenomenon I appreciated how the author broke down the chapters

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S pleasures and how we use other people's miseries to feel better about ourselves Written The Joy of Kindle #216 in an exploratory evocative form it weaves examples from literature philosophy film and music together with personal observation and historical and cultural analysis And in today's world of polarized politics twitter trolls and sidebars of shame it couldn't be timelier Engaging insightful and entertaining Schadenfreude makes the case for thinking afresh about the role this much maligned emotion plays in our lives perhaps even embracing it. duuuulllllllll didn t finish last 30 pages

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    I think that this book would have worked well either as a list of funny instances of schadenfreude schadenfreude gone wrong or as a serious philosophicalscientific examination of the subject As it is the book tries to do both but achieves neitherThe book does have some funny moments but Smith has several annoying habits The first of

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    I found parts of this book to be LOL funny The author takes a topic getting mirth from someone else's mishap The book dives into psychology literature etc as it examines the topic The reader may just find that it gives them a little perspective and possibly able to laugh at themselves next time they do something foolish

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    A wondrous little assessment of a curious human condition I loved the historical and cultural placement alongside the reassurance that it isn’t a modernsocial media thing heaps and heaps of references from ancient great thinkers to the bible As with many things in life empathy for the self and others is key Watt Smith f

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    Not as profound as the author's book on human emotions which can be read as a series of mini essays Being released just before Christmas this volume is an attempt to reach the whimsical rather than literary market Schadenfreude finding joy in another's misfortune is an ever increasing human emotion according to the author which woul

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    Some good logic and analysis here actual discussion and reasons around why it is human to find some passing joy in the brief misfortune of others as well as lots of entertaining examples Nowhere near as mean spirited as it might seem

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    A great little assessment of a curious psychological phenomenon I appreciated how the author broke down the chapters into categories that seemed to flow nicely from one to the other I also liked her afterword sec

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    duuuulllllllll didn't finish last 30 pages

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    A nice uick reading palate cleanser

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    This year Tiffany Watt Smith's The Book of Human Emotions An Encyclopaedia of Feeling from Anger to Wanderlust will be making my Best of 2018 list So I was overjoyed to get my hands on a copy of her new book Schadenfreude The Joy of Another's Misfortune Ah schadenfreude how I love you Love the sweet somewhat taboo enjoyment of seeing others get their comeuppance If you dear reader occasionally savour the joy of others' mistfort

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    This was one of my Daedalus books which means cheap and on it's way out It was written by a cultural historian who

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