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Story of wine a portrait of some of its people and a biography of the place it comes from Inspired by his own experience making wine at Coume del Mas and Mas Cristine in the Rousillon Richard Bray gives readers a real taste of the winemaking process Get your nose in there again Has it changed at all What's different Take a sip a bigger one Let it linger Finish the glass The last sip is always the best.

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Salt Old Vines

Grab a bottle of wine and a glass Pop it open Pour Hold it up to the light and see how the colour dances under it See how bright it is how it seems to generat its own light Swirl it and don't worry Salt Old MOBI #224 if you spill a bit Have a sniff get your nose in Take a sip Savour it let it fill your mouthWine claims Richard Bray is a happy accident Its journey from vine to bottle is fraught and inv.

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Olves lots of human fallible people Men and women who've been picking grapes since six in the morning or working the press since six thirty people who get hurt who sweat who bleed who don't finish until late and need a beer at the end of the day winemakers who started off as blues guitarists and octogenarian Catalan farmers who hand cut grapes faster than their grandchildren Salt and Old Vines is the.

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    If you're anything like me wine is just that red stuff that comes in bottles for £499 in your local LondisBut for Richard W H Bray wine trader sommelier and all round bon vivant it is so much 'Salt Old Vines' is a warm charming and deeply p

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    I enjoyed the style of the writing as Richard is very personable and this comes across well including the humour It's also clear that he tries to reduce the amount of jargon and technical terms used Unfortunately I

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