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A Nerd Gets Pantsed William Johnson has it rough looking like the ultimate nerd and accepting high school as a constant barrage of bullying but it only gets worse for him when he lets his guard down and decides to go for the girl of his dreams The title tells you exactly how that effort goes Slim Jim and the.


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SPH Story Kindle Prostitute Much to his chagrin the constant rejection because of his tiny penis has led Jim to actually hire a prostitute so he can finally lose his virginity However as his nerves kick in and he reflects on his past humiliations he continues to make himself look like of a loser in front of.

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Her The Basketball Game Instead of going to college year old Ryan has decided to continue living with his parents masturbate constantly and pursue his still in high school crush Janie However when challenged to a game of basketball by younger guys in front of Janie Ryan just ends up getting totally humiliate.