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CHARACTERS The Community

The first murders in the Communities year history Ivy is chosen to replace one of the judges along with her childhood friend and blooming love interest Jace She is terrified of the responsibilities that now face herAs Ivy adjusts to her new life she begins to notices the odd behavior of the other court members especially the most senior member Judge Flynn Her.

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The Community

Rebelliousyear old Ivy has lived in a Community compound her entire life She has been training for her future since the day she was born Judges are the law they are the highest ranking members of society and there are only six in place at a time On a perfect morning like every other Ivy is notified that three of the current judges have been murdered These are.

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Guard an attractive man named Asad informs Ivy that there is to the Community than meets the eye Ivy and Asad plan escape along with a rebel unit but through a series of unexpected events are forced to run for their own lives instead Some people won’t make it and along the way Ivy must decide if she is in love with her longtime friend Jace or courageous Asad.

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    The basic plot of this book was fairly interesting US Government created sociological experiment udystopias to see how people would

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    I liked this book a lot The plot is believable and very entertaining The narrative style of the author is very refreshing like a pure breath of fresh air