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    A graphic novel that demonstrates the advantages of wider comic universes as a newly sired vampire becomes a superhero albeit one who drinks the blood and kills the criminals he confrontsIt follows the same formul

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    a great little book telling the tale of how a man murdered and left for dead by vampires comes back to exact revenge on the people who took his family from him in the first place great book and Steve Niles delivers as he al

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    Nothing really amazing with this concept or story I felt as though there was something that could be done with this but it just delivered a plot hole bad vampires show up to stop good vampire from drawing attention to vampires by slaughtering heaps of humans makes sense

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characters Ý E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Steve Niles

Epilogue is the tale of an ordinary man whose desperate need for vengeance transforms him into a supernatural force for justice..

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Epilogue TPB

What if the thing that gave you your greatest power was your greatest enemy Writer Steve Niles Days of Night and artist Kyle Hot.

characters Ý E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Steve Niles

Z Man Thing present an all new series featuring the ultimate avenger outsider Filled with bloody action and underworld intrigue.