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Eople by Doppo Kunikida The Girl from Ipanema by Haruki Murakami Modern Life and Other Nonsense Closet LLB by Kji Uno Mr English by Keita Genji Factory Town by Minoru Betsuyaku Dreams of Love Etc by Mieko Kawakami Shoulder Top Secretary by Shin ichi Hoshi Dread Hell Screen by Rynosuke Akutagawa Filling Up with Sugar by Yten Sawanishi Kudan by Hyakken Uchida Disasters Natural and Man Made The Great Earthuake by Rynosuke Akutagawa Hiroshima City of Doom by Yko ta Insects by Yichi Seirai The Silver Fifty sen Pieces by Yasunari Kawabata American Hijiki by Akiyuki Nosaka Pink by Tomoyuki Hoshino UFO in Kushiro by Haruki Murakami Hiyoriyama by Kazumi Saeki Planting by Aoko Matsuda Same as Always by Yya Sa.

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The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories (Penguin Classics Hardcover)

Book of ePUB #180 Jay Rubin is a translator and academic who has translated Haruki Murakami s Norwegian Wood and The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Natsume Soseki s The Miner and Sanshiro and Ryunosuke Akutagawa s Rashomon and Other Stories He is the author of Making Sense of Japanese Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words and a novel The Penguin Book of Japanese Short MOBI #224 Sun GodsHaruki Murakami is a The Penguin eBook #232 Japanese novelist whose best known novels are The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Kafka on the Shore and Norwegian Wood His work has been translated intothan fifty languages and the most recent of his many international honors is the Jerusalem Prize whose previous recipients include J M Coe.

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Tzee Milan Kundera and V S Naipaul The Penguin Book of Japanese Short StoriesContents Japan and Penguin Book of PDF #180 the West The Story of Tomoda and Matsunaga by Jun ichir Tanizaki Behind the Prison by Kaf Nagai Chapter from Sanshir by Natsume Sseki Loyal Warriors The Last Testament of Okitsu Yagoemon by gai Mori Patriotism by Yukio Mishima Men and Women Flames by Yko Tsushima In the Box by Taeko Kno Fading Flowers by Kenji Nakagami Bee Honey by Banana Yoshimoto Penguin Book of Japanese Short MOBI #224 The Smile of a Mountain Witch by Minako Ohba A Bond for Two LifetimesGleanings by Fumiko Enchi Nature and Memory Peaches by Abe Akira The Tale of the House of Physics by Yko Ogawa Unforgettable P.