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Th time running out Oren must build up his clan and recruit an army of monsters if he's to have any hope of withstanding the coming attack  The Soundbooth Life Reset Kindle Theater Team for this produc. Excellent

Summary Ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ By Shemer Kuznits

Life Reset: EvP (Environment vs. Player): New Era Online Series, Book 2

Tion   Jeff Hays Narration music and sound design  Laurie Catherine Winkel Raystia and Yulli  Annie Ellicott Misa and Kusitesh  Dalton Lynne Editing and proofing Griffin Malnar Editing and mastering.. Most of the story is still slice of life with the main character MC switching between town building level grinding and crafting I personally love to read about town building crafting and action adventure This has all that in spadesIn addition the novel introduces a couple new elements One new beta players join the goblin village and they get their own adventures Two there s a mystery who done it subplot where the MC tries to track down a saboteur Both are good added elements that help break up the longer chunks of crafting and town buildingThe last 25% though could easily be its own stand alone novel there s a full plot arc and lots of purposeful action with a great story climaxOverall the story maintains all the elements I enjoyed from book 1 refines them and even adds in some new interesting ones It took a while to finish this massive novel but I had a great time doing soScore 8 out of 10

By Shemer Kuznits ✓ 8 Summary

After defeating the hobgoblin threat Oren is now faced with an even tenacious enemy the players themselves  His old guild have discovered his village's location and a deadly strike force is closing in Wi. I liked it

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    I liked it

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    Can't wait for the next one =)

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    This is a very good story but I have a hard time believing that a level 315 Mage can be defeated by a character

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    I have Kindle unlimited so was hesitant to buy this second book. Yes, the reviews were high but I just hate what I though

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    That. Was. Awesome!
    Shermer Kuznits did an amazing job on this, managing to improve on the first book, which was already one of the best LitRPG works to be published.

    I was concerned that this would have less city building, but the sa

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    Most of the story is still slice of life, with the main character (MC) switching between town building, level grinding, and crafting. I personal

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    Holy crap dude the first book was amazing you just knocked it right out of orbit with the second I only stopped reading cuz I needed to sleep I loved every page and found myself absolutely absorbed in the story as

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    Loved it from start to finish & have to agree with the author it feels much polished. The story continues to develop but never seems rushed considering time is of the essence for our green hero.

    Loving the settlement building

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    Another amazing instalment that often had me grimacing in frustration at some of the thought processes going on. It was great to see the changes wrought and growth gained. It very much was an epic battle or rather set of battles. I love the changes and most of the new characters. A couple are irritating but if that is what was gone

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    This book is a definite step up from the first book, bringing an engaging plotline and interesting character development. It brings back the

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    I loved the first book and this one is continuing equally well. I like the flow of the story and the description of the building and growth aspect of the settlement. There are no inconsistencies within the RPG rules and I haven't noticed any