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Lia nicknamed Iblīs kills for him and warms his bed Stuck in a power play and a loveless symbiotic relationship Talha knows that if he shows weakness he will fall at the hand of his own weapon THIRST FOR BLOOD SEX AND PAIN It drives Slater crazy Only T ‘The bloodiest murderer of Anatolia who mowed down souls and lives as if they were nothing sp


Iblis’ Affliction

Iblīs Arabic إبليس the primary devil in Islam “If you sleep with the Devil don’t expect to get out of hell” DEMANDING NEEDY DANGEROUS Slater is everything Talha doesn’t want but everything the crime lord needs The bloodiest ripper of Anato Re edited 462020 4 Stars I can't make much sense of my thoughts but one thing for sure Nero Se

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Alha can soothe the deep ache that grows stronger every day Slater allows Master to think he is in charge until Talha cheats by changing the rules of their game But Master doesn’t grasp that there’s no escape from Iblīs’ affliction Editor Emma Ja One of the bloodiest most twisted yet strangely realistic representations of a love affair betw

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    Re edited 462020 4 Stars I can't make much sense of my thoughts but one thing for sure Nero Seal takes madness to another level in Iblis’ Affliction I feel that the wires inside my head are short circuited because I can't find a place to compartmentalize enjoyment in this experience Nonetheless I'm still giving it 4 starsIt wasn't a pleasant read 😖 Not that I should expect one anyway after reading the blurb🤷🏼‍♀️It also took me a while to get fully invested 🤔 However almost halfway through the story started crawling under my skin And what started as a curiosity reverted to an I couldn't stop reading it EntrancedDisturbedDisgustedAddictedTold ya🤷🏼‍♀️It was frightening gory and macabre Still I was fascinated Slater aka Iblīs was an incredibly well done psycho crazy character Talha the other MC was the head of a crime organization A very bad guy who wanted to be respected instead of feared Now take that inside his criminal and twisted world he had his own rules and moral compass where honour and family was everything and for that he would look after the ones that were loyal to him I especially loved Talha's control over Slater's deliberate tauntings😏 Because I'm gonna tell you Slater drove Talha mad in many occasions And Talha took it like a champ Calm controlled and cold showing incredible willpower and strength As you can see I've got this one all over the place and I think I should just stop trying to make any sense of it and accept that I'm a sucker for fucked up reads 😬 with psycho crazy characters Not for the faint of heart

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    Hmm what to say about this book?1 Kudos for the cover Lovely fitting cover2 Kudos for the setting and the plot Interesting and seemingly well researched3 Kudos for interesting MCs BUThere's where I had to take off 2 stars1 This is not a romance Nor is it a love story It's about obsession and addiction and a deal with the devil So I think I had my expectations ruined by expecting some aspect of love in here Those words were said BTW but I didn't entirely believe them And if there was supposed to be that then the novel for sure didn't deliver See point 22 It got repetitive I ended up skipping skimming a bunch The general premise is that Slater is the henchman for Tahal who is a powerful kinda mafia lord and his Master But the dog is rather feral and liable to bite the master if he doesn't exert the proper control and authority Keep Slater on a tight leash Much of the book well all of the book is about this power struggle between the 2 This takes form in flashbacks and in the present Now I would have appreciated the power struggle if it was also threaded through with moments of tenderness But that was missing There is no tenderness for reasons I can understand but these are men and something fundamental seemed missing I'm not talking soft words and soft touches but some depth of feeling beyond simple physical manipulation Slater essentially gets a hetero to fck him through various means the first time while Tahal was drunk And psychological warfare A lot of EMOTION was missingRelated to that it might have been mentioned about 20 times how Tahal was furious and can't forgive Slater for raping him this was during the bound and gagged present day revenge Not entirely sure I needed that reminder 20 times Somehow that stuck out than everything else Slater did Intentional on part of author? Seems to be Why tho? To show that the master isn't really the master and the dog isn't really the dog?And then we end in the epilogue by repeating the prologue So obviously this cycle of never ending repetitive struggle between the 2 men will continue ad nauseum So there's no character development? What is the point then of all these 5 years of going through all this stuff? Did they learn nothing? In the end I don't know what the point of the book was except for shock and titillation and I've read shocking If there's no point there's no satisfaction If it ended with one or both of the men dying I might actually feel satisfied SOMETHING But nope on an endless loop it continuesOverall writing isn't bad I just don't know what the point was

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    Ummmm yeah okay that wasUmmmm yeahI swear if Nero Seal and Lily White ever joined forces we'd be in some serious trouble because no one has ever fucked with my mind like either of them I'm serious about this because I can say in all honesty that the night after I finished this book I had a dream I hardly ever dream because I don't sleep well enough too about one of the scenes and it was a vivid one and it scared the bejesus out of me read my full review an excerpt and enter a giveaway here ➧ I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog Nadine's Obsessed with BooksYou can find me here  

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    Nero Seal is the only author that can write a psychopathic morally depraved MC who the reader empathizes with This book is way macabre and violent than the Egoist series but it was just as as addicting and even of a headfck It brings the idea of unhealthy obsession to a whole new levelThe main MC is Slater a deranged but exceptionally skilled executioner who delights in the kill and inspires fear among even the most violent of men He will only submit to one master and only for as long as that master gives him what he needs When used as a weapon against one’s enemies Slater can elevate his master to the level of almost God but he’s highly unstable and will turn on you in a dime There is no sweet and fuzzy romance in this story but there is a crazy intense perverse codependency and lust and something that starts to look something like love though it’s confused and twisted inside of Slater’s head with idolatry and zeal Slater and Talha’s characters were incredibly well written especially with the sick push and pull between them You watch in morbid fascination as Talha’s humanity bleeds out into his “pet” and the lines that form his regimented reality begin to fade away the time he spends with SlaterThere were some gruesome scenes that could be show stoppers for some readers it’s not for the faint of heart Slater’s like your devoted cat who brings dead mauled mice to your door as gifts You’re revolted but at the same time endeared in a sick way because you know that’s how he shows his love And can you really blame him? You’re the one keeping a hunter as a pet You can feel Talha’s conflict and struggle to rationalize his changing feelings towards his “pet” in light of his insane behavior and you feel him gradually give in It becomes impossible for him to deny the magnetism between themOne thing’s for sure you will never pick up this book and think “I’ve read something similar before” There is nothing else like it for better or for worse And I might be a terrible person for loving it but c’est la vie

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    327 starsI am shocked ecstatic and traumatized by this bookMostly I want to say that I read some dark romance all MM just to test how much my mind can take and sometimes the dark and bloody interest me as an escape from my monstersMy observation is that this book brings horror perversion cruelty and the worst thing that a human can be when he submits to feed his obscuritiesThe story is about Slater the Iblis the ripper the masochist the devil In addition Talha his current Master shows himself to be everything and at the same time nothing Slater wants Slater wants control Slater wants pain and pleasure His Master provides it but what if Slater wants even if it makes him even cruel? The book features Present and what happened 5 years ago when Talha made a deal with IblisYou must understand that there is no bright side in Iblis' Affliction all the characters are sick and bizarre everyone has an immoral and twisted view of everything and everyone There is no way and there can be no justification for any of these characters they are perverse I almost gave up reading because of several scenes that I almost threw up and I think that was the author's proposal I was told that the story would be like this and by the genre I already knew it but this book scared me and hurt me in several scenes but I liked some thingsThis note and review is worth what I felt you must be thinking How come he gave a seemingly good grade to a book that he found extremely problematic? So I basically understood why this book or made my own understanding For me it shows the cruelty perversity and the dirtiest and rotten side of people who are consumed with crime and the pleasure of killing and slowly destroying the body and the soulSo if you intend to read prepare yourself because it is horror after horror He has a fine line on the most raw and dangerous side of people

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    ‘The bloodiest murderer of Anatolia who mowed down souls and lives as if they were nothing spread his legs for him’ Talha Slater AKA Iblīs AKA the bloodiest murderer of Anatolia becomes Talha’s power and strength For this Talha pays with his soul What Slater feels for Talha is not something he can understand Slater learnt emotional control from a young age He is a psychopath His emotional range is not that of a normal person '“Slater hates shopping Slater hates crowded places When Slater is irritated Slater want’s to kill” Slater hissed’ He is 'death with an angel face' Slater communicates using the third person it is childish rather than narcissistic or egotistical This is probably the only thing I struggled with in this story it lacked believability in the beginning but at some point this shifts for me and it began to make sense for the character Slater is ‘rough pushy dominant disrespectful fickle immoral and childish’ Talha walks a tight rope His control over Slater reuires constant improvisations He’s not only balancing Slater but also his own reaction and feelings towards him “You know sometimes I wish you were a little normal Sometimes I want Never mind I guess if you sleep with the Devil you can’t expect to get out of Hell” Talha This story is not linear while the present unfolds in a destructive manner we slide back into the past witnessing their first meeting the first kill the learning curve the exchange of powerI do consider this a love story Though I use this word for its most basic meaning A love story between a crime lord and a killerSo you might want to suspend any hope of sweet and tender It is gruesome bloody vicious cruel violent and completely unconventional “ Master is so beautiful so cold The heavy clouds of power Talha emitted cocooned him making Slater feel warm protected safe Slater I thought this story was completely fascinating engaging and original It stays true to the characters to the very end which I appreciated This is definitely dark and twisted I would seriously love to read about Talha and Slater I hope their story isn’t finished 5 Stars for a fascinating tale I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys dark romances with immoral characters

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    This was an amazing book I loved every second of it It was impossible to put it down The plot was intriguing and the way the story was told was just perfect It had a nice steady pace It has a few action scenes not too much but a perfect balance It is a dark book with a lot of violence on it so it might not be suitable for every reader Beware the warning tags before reading it I can’t really think of a thing about it I didn’t liked Maybe the pain the author put me through in some scenes but that might be saying I don’t like angst and that is a huge lie I loved every angsty moment of itWhat I liked the most about it was Slater He was such a fascinating character So Beautifully emotionally detached He was everything I expected him to be and He was so lethal and cruel but at the same time there was something about him that make it impossible not to fall in love with such an odd character Overall it was an amazing book I loved it I wouldn’t hesitate on recommend

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    How can a psychopath who kills for fun be cute? A bloody tale of two twisted strong brutal men both trying to turn the other into what he needsTalha is a mafia boss on the up but when the legendary Iblis an assassin nobody alive has seen ends up in his path he makes a business decision to take him on And then the fun beginsEpic characterisation makes this a uniue compelling book

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    One of the bloodiest most twisted yet strangely realistic representations of a love affair between a crime boss and his assassin I loved Talha's inner turmoil throughout and I completely understood Slater's motivations I'd like a bonus scene with the two of them in couples' therapy

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    Endişe vericidisuiet; adjectiveThat's what you should feel about a psychopath who kills just for the pleasure of killing and ends up conuering your heartIblis the Reaper legendary assassin and the most interesting character there is believe me In this new book Nero Seal brings us a very well ploted story about two man's personal fight with their own needs and desires and conseuences Full of blood taboo power games cruelty and dark temptations this is a very good and addictive reading time where you will meet Talha the Turkish Crime Boss and Slaterswoon and Iblis relationship Go go read it now

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