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Ith the title press secretary each chapter explores the relationship between a first lady and the media the Relations and the Modern First Epubrole played by her press secretary and communication staff in cultivating this relationship and the first lady's media coverage Contributors exploring the following uestions How effective were the media relations and communication strategies of this first lady and her team What worked and what did not Was the first.


Media Relations and the Modern First Lady

And the PDF #8608 Media Relations and the Modern First Lady From Jacueline Kennedy to Melania Trump examines the communication strategies first ladies and their teams have used to Media Relations Epubmanage press and public interest in their private lives to promote causes close to their hearts Relations and the Modern First Epuband to shape their public image Starting with Jacueline Kennedy Relations and the PDF #198 who was the first to have a staffer w.

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Lady a communication asset to her husband's administration And what can we learn from their media relations strategies Along with contributing to the scholarship on presidential spouses the contributions to this volume also highlight the important role media relations plays in strategic political communication Scholars of communication media studies gender and women's studies political science and public relations will find this book particularly useful..