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The Exercise Class Milked in an Elevator The Dairy Farmer's WifeThree Pairs of DD's The Milk Donation The Lactation Enterprise The Milking Threesome The Lactation Spy The Daughter In Law The Naughty Janitor Milked in Mid Air The Lactating Neighbor The Suction Bra The Breast ExperimentThe Horny Therapist The Single Mom Angela’s Swollen Breasts Jenny’s Thirst uenchers Debbie’s Breast Therapy..

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Milking Sex Stories

This anthology chronicles the best stories by various authors in the genre of lactation eroticaFrom Mother's Milk Cafe to Dairy Farmer's Wife this anthology is an erotic exciting provocative take on lactation erotica that is sure to piue any lactation lover's interestThe stories are explicit and total than words Don't miss the chance to own this uniue story collection The Mother's Milk Cafe A man.

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Opens a new café called “Mother’s Milk” and Milking Sex Kindle hires only lactating women as waitresses The gimmick is that when a customer wants cream for their coffee or tea or for any item the waitress pulls out her tit and dispenses the desired amount Opening day is a big success but the mostly male and horny crowd wants – and gets – a lot than just the taste of mother’s milk.