CHARACTERS ☆ The Slow Lane Claire Lane Mystery #4

M.K. Jacobs å 1 CHARACTERS

Ll known Judge from the High Court the duo must act to discover what is the German planning and how does the death of PC Bloomsdale find the detectives investigating a fire in the village of Potters Bar Will they discover the truth in time or deal with the conseuences.


The Slow Lane Claire Lane Mystery #4

H McGinniss is the victim of a pickpocket on a Motorbus in central London and realises the woman responsible is connected to Jack the Top a notorious thief and pimp Claire Lane is convinced the The Slow Epubtwo are linked When Ralph uncovers a plot to assassinate a we.

CHARACTERS The Slow Lane Claire Lane Mystery #4

Inspector Ralph McGinniss and Professor Claire Lane are Lane Claire PDF #10003 sent to investigate the link between the murder of a Police Constable on a lonely road and the presence of German Zeppelin Commander Ludwig Mathieu left behind in England after the War Ralp.

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