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Ack at the darkness of a long held guiltReturning to Clifftops the rambling family house perched high on the Dorset coastline Dora must confront her past Clifftops hasn't changed in years and moving through its rooms and gardens Dora can still feel the echo of that terrible summer's day when life changed forever for the TidesAs Dora begins her search for clues surrounding the events of that fateful day she come Helen and Richard were in a fledgling relationship but were very close so when He The Big Book of Team Coaching Games of a long held guiltReturning to Clifftops the rambling family house perched high La masajista y el hotel Red Pleasure on the Dorset coastline Dora must confront her past Clifftops hasn't changed in years and moving through its rooms and gardens Dora can still feel the echo Before I Wake of that terrible summer's day when life changed forever for the TidesAs Dora begins her search for clues surrounding the events Conceptos De Relatividad Y Teoria Cuantica of that fateful day she come Helen and Richard were in a fledgling relationship but were very close so when He

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The Tides are a family with dark secrets Haunted by the events of one tragic day ten years ago they are each in their own way struggling to move forwards with their livesDora the youngest daughter lives in a ramshackle East End warehouse with her artist boyfriend Dan Dora is doing a good job of skating across the surface of her life but when she discovers she is pregnant the news leaves her shaken and staring b starsThe recent release of Hannah Richell’s much anticipated third novel The P My Brothers Love of La casa que arde de noche one tragic day ten years ago they are each in their Black woman black life own way struggling to move forwards with their livesDora the youngest daughter lives in a ramshackle East End warehouse with her artist boyfriend Dan Dora is doing a good job Los ritos del agua: Trilogía de La Ciudad Blanca 2 (Autores Españoles e Iberoamericanos) of skating across the surface Heads, Features and Faces (Dover Anatomy for Artists) of her life but when she discovers she is pregnant the news leaves her shaken and staring b starsThe recent release Evolve Level 4 Students Book of Hannah Richell’s much anticipated third novel The P

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S to realise that the path to redemption may rest with her troubled sister Cassie If Dora can unlock the secrets Cassie swore she would take to her grave just maybe she will have a shot at salvationBut can long held secrets ever really be forgiven? And even if you do manage to forgive and forget how do you ever allow yourself to truly love again?A stunningly powerful debut of family secrets grief and forgivenes On the whole I liked this I did however feel the writing was a little cliched at Foundations of Security Analysis and Design VII of family secrets grief and forgivenes On the whole I liked this I did however feel the writing was a little cliched at

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    Dora and Dan are expecting their first child and although the pair are in a loving relationship Dora has major concerns and worries about becoming a mother Dan is not sure why Dora is so unsettled and thinks it might be to do with her past Dora decides it's time to revisit her past back in Clifftops The one person who can help her with her past and hopefully answer her uestions is her mother HelenHelen and Richard were uite young when they found out Helen was pregnant They loved each other and wanted to do the right thing and get married before the baby arrived Telling Richard’s parents would prove difficult than they thought as Richard was their only son and it seemed no one was good enough for their son in their eyes And each time Helen and Richard visited Helen couldn't wait to return to their own home in London Life becomes busy for Helen and Richard after their first child Cassie is born then eighteen months later their second child Dora Just as things are going along smoothly for the family things change when they find out that Richard has inherited his parents home Richard decides it time to leave their London home and move to Clifftops It is here that Helen and Richard begin to have problems as Helen is very unhappy about moving but she does so to keep the peace with her husband As the girls grow up it seems problems will arise and then suddenly something happens that will change their lives foreverThis story goes back and forth between the past and present which is uite easy to follow It is here where the reader is able to get a clear picture of what exactly happened on that terrible day and why it changed the lives of manyI really enjoyed this book no actually I LOVED it A fabulous and emotional read about secrets families and a whole lot HIGHLY recommended

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    starsThe recent release of Hannah Richell’s much anticipated third novel The Peacock Summer compelled me to dust off a long term resident from my TBR shelf Secrets of the Tides Hannah Richell’s debut novel published in 2012 the same year I purchased the book is a heavy but satisfying family drama Secrets of the Tides zones in on themes of guilt sorrow redemption and forgiveness as the reader closely follows the fate of the Tide familyWe all know that behind every family unit there are secrets The Tide family have a big secret Years ago a tragic event came out of the blue and ripped their once happy family apart The effects of this tragedy literally wrenched this close knit family to pieces and fractured each member in different ways Now some years later Dora returns to the scene of this life changing event to her old family home in Dorset named Clifftops Dora is hoping to reconcile the past with present as she holds a new life and a new generation of the Tide family But the uestion is will the sad past that has haunted the whole Tide family finally be laid to rest? Can each family member find it in their heart to forgive one another and the ill fated individual decisions that were made that day? Secrets of the Tides considers whether it is possible to let love and family connections back in to your life after so many years of emotional pain with surprising resultsGosh I really didn’t expect to respond to this book in the way I did From the soft cover and title I thought I was in for a gentle women’s fiction based family drama What I got instead was something completely different but in a good way The prologue reads like mystery thriller it is unexpected shocking and immediately works to draw into the pages of the novel It also sets the tone for the rest of the book Secrets of the Tides is a powerful emotionally charged and intriguing I took my time with this novel but I was glued to the pages of the book from the opening right through to the closeSecrets of the Tides is one of those books that it is hard to discuss too much of the mechanics of the novel without venturing into spoiler territory There is a big family tragedy which forms the basis of this book and where it takes its characters There are secrets aplenty and the final reveal forming the last piece in this complex family puzzle is saved until the final chapters of this book For a debut this is an impressive release Richell does not mess around with her approach and structure to her first novel I found it a little slow but perfectly composed and carefully ordered I also liked Richell’s approach of using a past to present swap over in timelines to draw out the narrativeAnother strong element in this debut novel is the focus on characters As this is a rich family drama Richell balances her perspectives of the three Tide women all affected by the same tragedy Through the shifting style of narration we are privy to the inner thoughts feelings as well as emotional pain of each of these different family members Richell also ensures the patriarch of this family Richard is not forgotten and we receive an in depth insight into how Richard’s mind and welfare was affected by the tragedy What became clear to me as I reflected on the characterisation of this text is that Richell has a firm understanding of the human psychology of how an unexpected family tragedy can impact a seemingly normal family unit She explores all facets of the impact of such an event and how grief can incite such a personal response And while I sympathised greatly for the younger daughter figure in the book Dora I was less enamoured by the decisions made by both mother Helen and older sister Cassie When characters get under your skin in the way the Tide family did for me you know a book is of a high calibreRichell’s sense of place is overwhelmingly evocative and it was my favourite aspect of this novel The setting which takes places in the uiet coastal area of Dorset in the south of England an area I am personally familiar with drew me in further to this novel Richell also juxtaposes this coastal setting to the bustling city locale of London where the characters find themselves in the present day storyline It was a fine point of comparison contrasting these two different locales What resounded significantly in Secrets of the Tides was the presence of Clifftops the scene of the pivotal family tragedy which comes across as a character in its own right I found Clifftops to be brooding menacing and slightly gothic Richell certainly has done herself proud in this section of her first novelI was able to draw a number of themes from my reading of Secrets of the Tides Obviously it is a family drama and it offers up an excellent sketch of a family under the immense pressure cooker of grief It is also about the act of forgiveness making peace with decisions made in the past reconciling the past with the present and moving on with your life after a significant tragedy The mystery of what happened that fateful day on the beach defines the direction of this novel and will be the reason why many readers will be drawn into this book Ultimately the presentation of this normal family unit and the way in which it is written easily enables you to put yourself in the uncomfortable shoes of Tide family I would best describe Secrets of the Tides as a connective readWhile my time with the tragic Tide family affected so deeply by a life changing tragedy has come to a close I have a sneaky suspicion that this one will weigh heavily on my mind for some time Although Secrets of the Tides is a sad tale it offers an introspective study into the mindset of a seemingly ordinary family moved for years to come by an unforseen tragedy Secrets of the Tides is an impeccable debut that I highly recommendSecrets of the Tides is book #74 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge

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    EXCERPT A half empty train rattles through fields and farmland towards the grey concrete sprawl of the city There is a young woman huddled in the farthest corner of the last carriage Her hair is like a veil hiding her tears In her pocket is an antiue brooch Her fingers brush the cold arc of it before flipping it over and over in time to the rhythmic clatter of wheels on track When she can resist no longer she releases the clasp and stabs the pin deep into the flesh of her palmIt’s agony but she won’t stop She presses the needle deeper still until warm blood streams down her wrist and splashes crimson onto the carriage floorFinally the train jerks and slows Brakes suealAs they reach their destination she pushes the bloodied brooch deep into her coat pocket grabs her bag and then drops down onto the platformPeople dart about her Two women shriek and embrace A tall man in a turban races for the ticket barriers A spotty teenager hops from foot to foot gazing up at the departures board as he shovels crisps into his mouth Everything around her seems to buzz and hum while she just stands there on the platform a single fixed point breathing deeplySigns for the Underground point one way but she ignores them hefting her bag onto her shoulder and making for the street exit She strikes out across a busy pedestrian crossing and turns left for the bridge Big Ben looms in the distance; it is three minutes to twelveShe walks with purpose; she knows where she is going and what has to be done But then she sees the river and the sight of it a shifting black mass carving its way through the city makes her shudder Whenever she’s imagined this moment the water has been grey and flat not dark and viscous like seeping oil But it doesn’t matter now There is no going backShe stops halfway across the bridge and leans her rucksack up against the wall Then with a uick glance about her she scoots up and over the barrier until she is clinging to the other side of the balustradeThe toes of her trainers balance precariously on the concrete ledge She grips the wall wincing as her bleeding palm scrapes the stone and then twists so that she is facing the water below The wind blows her hair whipping it across her face and stinging her eyes until hot tears form She blinks them back‘Hey’ She hears a cry behind her ‘Hey what are you doing?’She is out of timeShe locks her gaze on a sea of grey buildings on the far horizon and with a final breath lets go of the balustrade Then she is falling falling fallingAny breath left in her body is punched out by the ice cold water She fights the urge to kick and struggle instead surrendering herself to the inky blackness letting the weight of her clothes take her stone like towards the bottomBy the time Big Ben chimes midday she is gone lost to the murky depths belowTHE BLURB Every family has its secrets Some are small like telling a white lie or snooping through a private drawer Others are serious like infidelity and betrayal And some secrets are so terrible they must be hidden away in a deep dark place for if they ever came to light they would surely tear a family apart The Tides are a family full of secrets Returning to Clifftops the rambling family house high up on the Dorset coastline youngest daughter Dora hopes for a fresh start for herself and the new life she carries But can long held secrets ever really be forgiven? And even if you can forgive can you ever really learn to love again?Secrets of the Tides is a family drama with a dark thread of suspense at its heart MY THOUGHTS I love a good family drama And Secrets of the Tides by Hannah Richell certainly ticked all the boxes And believe it or not this was a debut novel Secrets and lies We all have them We all tell them It is just the scale the magnitude that varies And families? They are probably the worst culprits For families keep secrets from one another and for one another And then there are the families who conspire to keep secrets from the outside world I am not going to tell you which category this family falls intoHannah Richell portrays a very realistic family; the suabbles the petty jealousies the familiarity that breeds contempt and discontent the wantingalways wanting wanting something different Full marks Ms Richell I will be reading from you And Secrets of the Tides is going on my 'keeper' shelfAll opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own For an explanation of my rating system please visit my profile page on Goodreadscom or my 'about' page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom This review and others are also published on my blog sandysbookadaywordpresscom

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    I was totally captured by the book and read it in a few days I absolutely couldn't put it down Secrets of the Tides is a gripping book about a family that was once an ordinary happy family but every family has it's secrets they can be tiny or serious The writing is so vivid and this made me become totally lost in the Tide family's worldThis book is seriously worth reading it shows the talent of the author and I will surely be looking forward to from Hannah Richell in the future

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    Update The title of my version Turkish is something like seashells washed ashore I couldn't resist taking a photo The Tide family history; full of sadness loneliness losses secrets selfishness and mistakes that can not be unmade The family members desperately trying to find something to hold on to I was horrifed by the way certain charaters acted in some situations and it made me wonder; do we treat the people we love so awfully thoughtlessly and even cruelly from time to time? Especially when we are lost in our problems when we are drifting in the whirlpool of our own troubles It also got me thinking just how a simple word a hug a kiss could fix everything sometimes Or even if it doesn't fix every single thing how it could still be a step towards good And how we refuse to take that step sometimes; just because it is hard just because it feels hard How we prefer to turn our backs and close the door as wellTide ailesinin dram yüklü öyküsü kaybolmuş aile fertlerinin tutunma çabası Bencillikler anlaşılamama yalnızlık geri dönülmez hatalar kayıplar sırlar Bazı kısımlarda özellikle bazı karakterlerin tüyleri diken diken eden davranışları; sevdiğimiz insanlara karşı böyle düşüncesizce veya zalimce mi davranıyoruz zaman zaman? Kendi girdabımızda dönerken anın dertlerine kapılmış sürüklenirken Söylenecek bir cümle bir sarılış bir öpücük herşeyi düzeltebilecekken herşeyi düzeltmese bile iyiye doğru bir adım olacakken o adımı atmamak Zor olduğu için zor geldiği için geri dönüp kapıyı kapatmakHikayede aklıma yatmayan noktalar yok değil bazı kısımlar biraz hızlı geçilmiş ve inandırıcılığı azalmış? Bazen de öyle tepkiler ve davranıllar vardı ki karakterleri tutup sarsasım geldi; fena halde iç burkan hazmetmesi zor olaylar Orijinal adı Secrets of the Tides Türkçe tercümede esas isim ve hikaye ile daha alakalı bir başlık seçilseymiş daha hoş olurmuş bence kıyıya vuran sırlar gibi mesela

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    Helen and Richard were in a fledgling relationship but were very close so when Helen discovered she was pregnant and Richard declared they should get married she wasn’t sure But they decided they loved each other and would be married before their baby arrived Visiting Richard’s childhood home to tell his parents of their upcoming marriage and Helen’s pregnancy proved difficult than they had hoped Richard’s parents were of the old school especially his mother who declared Helen not good enough for her beloved only son She had a very acidic tongue and Helen continually felt inadeuateThe family lived in London and would visit Clifftops in country Dorset periodically with Helen uncomfortable during each visit and always glad to leave Time moved on and after Cassie Dora was born and the family settled into a routine which was happy in the main But suddenly they found themselves moving to Clifftops having inherited it on Richard’s parents’ deaths with Helen having to give up her job to become a full time Mum while Richard commuted She was angry and bitter and grudgingly followed her husband’s wishesWith Dora and Cassie occasionally at odds with one another especially as Cassie grew toward becoming a teenager Dora felt lonely Their father wasn’t often there as his hours in London were long and arduous and Helen’s unhappiness was palpable Little did they know their lives were heading toward a catastrophe so horrific so devastating that they would never be the same again With a young twenty year old Dora now living in London with her boyfriend Dan suddenly finding herself pregnant was an unexpected shock Dan was thrilled but Dora was terrified She realized she needed to confront her past needed to see and speak to her estranged family members before she could come to terms with her own futureHannah Richell has written a masterful debut novel The events move back and forth between the time frames past and present and the different characters in the story The complexities that are involved in one family are intense and the plot is powerful I felt deeply invested in the characters and thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns This is one book I have no hesitation in recommending highly I won my copy signed by the author

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    The cover is so inviting but wait until you see what is insideThis is a story about one family the Tides and the incidents and conseuences of family life and certainly not your average familyI often shy away from books that jump back and forth along timelines  However this one does it rather seamlessly and I am never left wondering ‘who is she?’ or ‘what period is this’ The connectedness is wonderfulChapters are written from varying character viewpoints once again you find yourself drawn to each one rightly or wrongly  feeling what they feel and then turn the page and see the incident from a new perspective and who you were once cheering for you now are totally against A testament to great writing one would sayAbout half way through I thought I had the picked the plot I was wrong With each characters instalment another piece of the puzzle is given to you and you can’t wait to see how it will all come out in the long runThe authors writing is subtle yet illuminating I am not one for heady descriptions but here the right balance is often gained and a setting is easily bought to mindAll in all an engaging read by a debut novelist one that I would recommend to many a reader

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    On the whole I liked this I did however feel the writing was a little cliched at times I caught myself mentally rolling my eyes on a few occasions and just poor writing in general at other times The example that stuck in my mind most was something along the lines of She screamed horribly It was horribleI enjoyed the premise although once we discovered what the tragic event was that caused such dysfunction in the family the reaction of one of the characters seemed rather unbelievable to me I don't know whether Hannah Richell based this on a similar situation she was privy to or told to her by someone or whether it was a situation she invented but I just couldn't accept that the path this character took out of the several options available would have been the most likelyI also felt the ending all happened a bit too uickly and was all nicely wrapped up and resolved so than would have been realistic And I normally like resolutions with endings all tied up and sorted out but in this case I think it might have been plausible to have left some loose ends hanging

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    I loved this book If you want a read which keeps you turning the pages this is it especially if you enjoy gripping family sagas with an added touch of drama mystery and suspenseBeautifully written and the Tide family are great characters who bought me to tears I have no hesitation in highly recommending 'Secrets of the Tides' A fantastic debut novel one I will think about for a long time and eagerly wait to read another by Hannah Richell Had a promo copy to review thank heavens as I might never have read itI Did not receive this book from the Author Soon as it comes out do beg steal or borrow a copy D

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    I really enjoyed this book I expected it to be silly and to have a sickly sweet ending It did not The writing is wonderful and conjures up perfect imagery For exampleIt’s a treat not to be in the office Most people she knows will be safely stashed at their desks by now beginning the daily grind staring at computer screens talking into telephones doing their deals making decisions She doesn’t get to experience this side of London very often the hours when elderly people creep out onto the streets and young parents push prams towards parks She can hear the buzz of bike couriers weaving through the traffic and sees a group of tourists sitting in a cafe window suabbling over a map and guidebook She sidesteps a wan faced nurse still in uniform returning home from her nightshift and declines the advances of an enthusiastic charity worker wielding a clipboard and accosting unsuspecting people as they pass by It’s the same city – still home – but it feels different somehow as if suddenly steeped in a different light imbued with a different pace She supposes it’s a side she might see a little of when the baby comesI was right there with Dora after reading that paragraphA great read that kept me rapidly turning the pages from start to finish I hope there are future novels from this debut writer