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To uncover the truth behind the death and learns that the boundary between loyalty and love can be dangerous terrainThe raw passions of girlhood are brought to life in this taut unflinching exploration of friendship ambition and power Writing with total authority and an almost desperate intensity Tom Perrotta award winning novelist Megan Abbott delivers a story as unnerving and thrilling as adolescence itselfSpectacular It's Heathers meets Fight Club good Chelsea Cain the New York Times Book Review.. update APPARENTLY THIS IS GETTING A TV SHOW BUT I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED There s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls This is a weird book And it s definitely going to be polarizing But holy shit for me this book was fantastic It s not necessarily a book you ll enjoy but oh my god does it stay with you this book along with Abigail Haas Dangerous Girls got me interested in the suspense genre It has been over a year now since I read this book and it still haunts me Dare Me is about obsession It s about dedication and coming of age in a brutal world It s about power plays and hatred It s about the drive for competition and how boyfriends and dating play into that competition in the teen world It s about the twisted kind of love The writing is gorgeous without being purple prosey All of this incorporates itself into a brilliantly suspenseful novel that is impossible to put down I read this book in midwinter at Lake Tahoe yet the atmosphere of this book drew me in so well that I was totally lost Megan Abbott s mood and tonal shifts are genuinely remarkable keeping you on the edge of your seat I love mood books I love books that make me feel even when I don t know what s happening This book is confusing and screwed up and flat out weird but it s utterly amazing The ending is almost unclear I don t think I liked it when I first read this But in hindsight I think the ambiguous and odd ending worked perfectly It s the reason this book still stands tall in my memories and always will Beth and Addy are both deeply awful and yet I sympathized with their complex characters completely even when they re dislikable they interest you keep you reading The relationship between Beth and Addy is deeply messed up by the forces of competition and codependency and yet they remain so interesting to read about We re all the same under our skin aren t weWe re all wanting things we don t understand Things we can t even name The yearning so deep like pinions over our hearts There s something I wanted to talk about in terms of ueerness in this book In Dare Me relationships between men and women are a weapon used for power and for sex The only relationships that do not revolve around sex are those between women Addy and Coach and Addy and Beth Yet both of these relationships are influenced by attraction from the one sided attraction between Addy and Coach to the two sided attraction between Addy and Beth It is simply that these are the only relationships into which the characters pour real emotion and genuine loveThis gets a high recommendation from me to anyone who enjoys suspense novels and ambiguityBlog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Youtube

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Dare Me AUTHOR Megan Abbott

The other girls until the young new coach arrivesCool and commanding an emissary from the adult world just beyond their reach Coach Colette French draws Addy and the other cheerleaders into her life Only Beth unsettled by the new regime remains outside Coach's golden circle waging a subtle but vicious campaign to regain her position as top girl both with the team and with Addy herselfThen a suicide focuses a police investigation on Coach and her suad After the first wave of shock and grief Addy tries. Dare Me by Megan Abbott is a 2012 Picador Books publication After reading You Will Know Me I knew I wanted to read Megan Abbott and I had even picked this book to be the next in line It just took me a few years to finally get around to it Much has changed since this book was published in 2012 I know it was only eight years ago but while the mean girls trend was successful and still pops up in various forms of entertainment its shock value had been greatly reduced Still this book is one dark and twisted ride For those of us who lived outside of the exclusive world of cheerleading it seemed almost like a secret society The girls are always popular always attractive They are perky and enthusiastic and of course they can perform all those death defying stunts Behind the scenes though there are bruises and punishing workouts and the threat that hangs over them the possibility of severe injury Cheerleading is like an exclusive enclave but there is to it than cute outfits and the entertaining acrobatics There is a brutal physical toll and those stunts can be incredibly dangerous But just like anything else there is always the possibility of a dark side lurking just beneath the surface This novel gives readers a front row seat for an inside peek into what goes on behind that carefully crafted fa ade in the highly competitive world of cheerleading The premise at least in the beginning isn t all that shocking on the surface We have Beth Cassidy the undisputed leader of the cheerleading suad and her best friend Addy cruising along unchallenged while the other team members acuiesce to her demands and leadership knowing their place or else Then a new coach takes over and upends Beth s hierarchy Immediately it becomes clear that Coach French will reuire a lot discipline from the girls demanding they perform tricky stunts and announcing there is no longer the need for a team captain While Beth seemingly takes all this in stride one senses Beth is biding her time waiting to pounce to take her revenge Coach French will pay a price for her demands and Beth expects Addy to fall in line with her as usual However Addy is a little bit in awe of Coach French who inspires her try harder to uestion her friendship with Beth As a result she soon finds herself caught between loyalty to Beth and her respect for Coach French Until The new coach who happens to be married is found in a compromising position with another man When her new lover allegedly commits suicide Abby finds herself pulled deeper into the Coach s web as the police begin to uestion the cause of death As damning evidence mounts Abby begins to suspect several people in her inner circle of foul play This is a fiendishly entertaining very clever and uncomfortably realistic novel The dangerous machinations and power struggles between these teenage girls almost eclipse the murder mystery and is a constant diversion blinding you to even sinister developments By the end of the book I was on the edge of my seat Overall this is a compelling drama a taut cat and mouse guessing game that is highly disturbing and deliciously macabre 4 stars

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Tense dark and beautifully written Gillian Flynn this novel of friendship and betrayal from an Edgar Award winning author is a harrowing glimpse into the dark heart of the all American girlAddy Hanlon has always been Beth Cassidy's best friend and trusted lieutenant Beth calls the shots and Addy carries them out a long established order of things that has brought them to the pinnacle of their high school careers Now they're seniors who rule the intensely competitive cheer suad feared and followed by. There s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls How can I describe this book Well if Bunheads had a manic intense and obsessive older sister then this would definitely be it Dare Me is about teenage girls and cheerleaders in particular straddling the line between childhood and the big world of adults but it isn t a tale that conjures up the usual images that high school cheerleading brings with it This is an intense book about obsession sexuality and competition I think back once again to Bunheads and how that tells of the dark realities of ballet dancing it isn t a nice pretty world of tutus and female friendship you have to be ridiculously self disciplined and ferociously competitive That s what these cheerleaders are like no sitting around being bitchy and doing Mean Girls walks through the school they work hard to perform the routinesI can see in some ways why this book has a low average rating For one thing this isn t a nice story teen girls explore their own sexualities and the mention of underage sex may make some readers uncomfortable Make no mistake this may be a book about teenagers but it is very much an adult novel And for another thing the girls develop an extremely unhealthy obsession with weight loss in order to keep trim for the routines but as much as I hate the idea of forcing your body into an unnaturally skinny shape this is the harsh reality for many athletes andor dancers hard exercise and hard dieting The murder mystery in Dare Me is only a small part of the excitement much thrilling for me was the focus on teen girls and their obsession with a new leader in this case the cheerleading coach The new coach is beautiful charismatic and vicious she challenges them to be better than they are and she eventually becomes the centre of their almost godlike worship The narrator Addy pauses at one point to think back on the very first moment when the coach arrived Did she look at us that first week and see past the glossed hair and the shiny legs our glittered brow bones and girl bravado See past all that to everything beneath all our miseries the way we all hated ourselves but much everyone else Could she see past all of that to something else something uivering and real something poised to be transformed turned out made See that she could make us stick her hands in our glitter gritted insides and build us into magnificent teen gladiatorsIn my opinion the writing was exactly that perfect magical blend of pretty without being purplish Abbott doesn t overdo it she waits for the right moment and then pulls out a little gem like the one above to make sure you re kept in the mood of the novelI also think I found this novel at the perfect time it seemed to catch my eye just when I d been discussing the portrayal of cheerleaders in American movies and books after reading Storm Often cheerleaders are there as male eye candy or as the bitchy popular girls to stand as a comparison against the girl next door type we are supposed to root for In the UK not many high schools have cheerleading teams so opinion of them doesn t tend to stem from high school cliues and my only contact with cheerleaders has been on professional competing teams I love the way Dare Me completely ignores the stereotype and takes us into a world where it isn t about boyfriends and popularity it s about fierce competition Here the cheerleaders are not the centre of popularity but outcasts living in a sphere separate from the rest of high school reality They live and breathe the competition It s intense It s obsessive It s a little scaryMost girls have an intense friendship with another girl while growing up the kind of relationship that comes only through the sharing of childhood secrets first crushes and hidden fears through sleepovers where neither of you sleep Dare Me is about these friendships and it s also about the breakdown of them I don t think it matters how many great friends you make afterwards there s still always something a little sad about looking back on your first friendship and remembering how you grew apartIn short I really really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to everyone who likes something a bit edgy and different

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    i have watched the first two episodes of this show and i am displeased so far if anyone wants to talk about it i'm gamemegan abbott knows all the secrets of being a girl and she keeps on spilling them book after b

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    “There's something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls”How can I describe this book? Well if Bunheads had a m

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    Sadugly characters doing sadugly things to one another This is supposed to be what is in the heart and mind of the all American girl? I'm not

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    Dare Me by Megan Abbott is a 2012 Picador Books publication After reading “You Will Know Me” I knew I wanted to read Megan Abbott and I had even picked this book to be the next in line It just took me a few years to finally get around to it Much has changed since this book was published in 2012 I know it was only eight years ago but while the ‘mean girls’ trend was successful and still pops up in various forms

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    I can't even go far enough in this book to find out the premise I do not even care This is god awful This is the worst kind of writing edit FINE THE WORST KIND to me I suppose you're allowed to like it So many analogies that don't actually even MEAN ANYTHING You can't just say things and call it writingwishbone arms? What do you m

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    Beth and Addy have been the top dogs on the cheerleading suad for years When a new coach comes in and upsets the apple cart how will Beth react to her role being usurped? And what dark things are waiting in the wings for Coach French?Wow I've said it before but Megan Abbott makes the politics of teenage girls look as brutal as the

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    First Read November 2016 Rating 55 starsSecond Read April 2020 Rating 455 starsRaw gritty and completely unforgiving Abbott exposes the teenage girl populace in a harsh and exposing light in this unputdownable dark contemp

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    update APPARENTLY THIS IS GETTING A TV SHOW BUT I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED?? “There's something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls” Thi

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    375 Stars rounded upYowza This is Mean Girls at its Very Best and when its Wicked it's Totally Wicked And when it's Trashy it's Totally Trashy And in those MOMENTS? It is HIGHLY ENTERTAININGDare Me by Megan Abbot is High School Cheerleaders' version of Mean Girls with a little mystery thrown in It's entertaining and camp

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    This book focused on cheerleading which reminds me of the cheerleading movie called Bring It On At first the story is fast paced and then there were weird vibes with Addy and her thoughtsconversations onwith Beth Sarge Coach and Casey This story seems to be about friendship but somehow the relationship is tumultuous I do like the puzzles A

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