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In the city I belonged to Omegaborn Trilogy PDFEPUB #189 no one Here in the wild I'm an omega for a pack to claimInside the walls I was a respected scientist Out here I'm vulnerable desperate and soon to be at the mercy of the beasts and barbarians who rule these harsh lands But that is not the worst of itWhen the suppressants that keep my. 4 fuck fest STARSMy first read from Sara Fields and it got me like what in the fresh hell Dark Omegaverse Reverse Harem PERFECT COMBO FRENZY is a crazy wild ride that you wouldn t want to stopFor many years after The Great War people live inside the dome with the help from suppressant to against their nature As the head of scientist Dr Raven Kelly is in mission to make the perfect suppressant for society It is only need one ingredient and the problem is in the wild Outside However their mission is in jeopardize and Raven has to succumb her true nature alongside her co worker Alix But they re not alone Raven is a smart independent and dedicated woman Her research is everything I like Raven better than any other Omegaverse heroine She s not entirely disable But when her mission failed and there s no suppressant left Raven must accept her Omega nature With Alix they re working together to prepare of what s comingI thought Alix is the only Alpha for her Totally forgot the Reverse Harem part because both chemistry is so real Alix has been eyeing for Raven since they re working together But such thing is forbidden inside the dome Now in the wild Alix embrace his Alpha nature to claim Raven as his Omega I simply like him because he s calm protective yet commanding Half of the story told how Alix and Raven must overcome their nature Confused and scared as an Alpha and Omega for the very first time There s some FUNishment involve hard spanking and a bit dub con which is I loved Maybe too much I enjoyed when Raven is struggle at first She denied her Omega side because it was shameful but later she begged for Alix And you know the restA lot of cums later Two Alphas Brother in the wild sniffed Raven s pheromone and decided to claim her I was surprised with their arrival because they re basically strangers and as the First Alpha Alix felt challenged Raven who is in unfinished heat decide to take them Wolfe and Ivan All the sex scenes are OFF THE CHART and totally out of control fan myselfThe story told from multiple POVs Raven and Alix at first and her other Alphas Wolfe and Ivan in the later After several story about the Alpha Brothers we re back on track with the truth behind Raven s sabotaged mission Well well definitely didn t see it coming I must say the conflict is uite anti climax and left unsure But who knows for the nextMy other issue is the chemistry with Alpha Brothers There s no building totally insta love and such turn off for me Overall I m very grateful to the group that introduce me with this book Really satisfying I m sooo intrigued with this new world from Sara Fields

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Frenzy The Omegaborn Trilogy #1

Shameful secret wear off overwhelming unimaginable need will take hold of me I'm an omega about to go into heat and Frenzy The eBook #10003 I know what comes nextBut I'm not the only one with instincts far beyond my control Alphas roam this wilderness savage men driven by their very nature to claim me fiercely than I can imagine paying no h. I ve never read anything like this before but it was recommended to me by a friend so I gave it a whirl It s not my cuppa Rough sex is one thing but I just canwill never appreciate women being treated like idiot children with no rights or autonomy unless it s just a bedroomfetish thing When they told her she could never go home and then beat her to teach her to obey her alpha I was done That s just gross and I will never comprehend how women fetishize this kind of Handmaid s Tale life

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Eed to my screams as one brutal climax after another is ripped from my helplessly willing bodyIt won't be long now and when the mating starts it will be nothing short of a frenzyPublisher's Note Frenzy includes spankings and rough intense sexual scenes If such material offends The Omegaborn Trilogy PDFEPUB #229 you please don't buy this boo. This is Omegaverse if you don t know what it is please take the time to look it up before you judge this book It may not be everyone s cup of tea but it s DEFINITELY MineGrinsHeat Level 45Romance 355Drama 355If you can t enjoy reading books with spankings either by hand andor belt or extremely hard forking I suggest you turn a way now despite all the fun you ll be missingYou know a good book when you look at the percentage and see that your at 44% and start freaking out cause you know the book is almost over XDAlmost freaked out near the beginning when no signature purr but happy that I got it LolReally liked this version of Omegaverse too I sincerely hope this will not just be one book but a seriesI wish it wasn t so short only cause I was really drawn into it so when I encountered the end I was like Damnit This Cannot End Lol XDI wanted to get depth of the characters I really wanted to see of Wolfe personally he was the only one that didn t get alone time with Raven Would love a Part 2 if possible for the four of these guysI really see a money maker out of this if this was a series Trust me I d be happy to review and buy them allPlot ideas for Future Series 0 Maybe the people of Tharia will eradicate their society of Omegas by dumping them all far outside the wall Heck that would be better then the Prison they re currently in 0 Maybe the Girls escape Tunnel their way out or find a hidden exit Alcatraz Style LOL 0 Maybe lower a cage with an unwilling Omega outside the wall and the beta andor non race specified scientists can watch the behavior of a wild alpha or alphas snatch her from the cage and disappear into the forestJurassic Park goat like BUT no ripping of limbs to the female at least but maybe of other alpha competitors LolSomething they can t learn from their current Tharia raised pairWould I read from this Author Duh Yeah

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    4 fuck fest STARSMy first read from Sara Fields and it got me like what in the fresh hell? Dark Omegaverse Reverse Harem PERFECT COMBO FRENZY is a crazy wild ride that you wouldn't want to stopFor many years after The Great War people 'live' inside the dome with the help from suppressant to against their nature As the head of scientist Dr Ra

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    Wild Chaotic and Out of ControlWhat happens when exposure to a treatment repressing your primal sexual instincts

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    If your favorite part of the Omegaverse genre is mmmf menage and the sextravaganzas than ignore my rating and give this book a go ;

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    Disappointing started well and then just became a smutfest What happened to having a storyline? I think i will stick with Addison Cain

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    EhhMaybe I missed the point but this book just sucked It was intriguing at first then it slowly took a dive off a cliff I would in no way refer to this as a romance In fact if this is what anyone would call a “romance” I’d eat my socks I have no problem with “ dark romance “ as long as it’s consensual A good portion of this had a

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    I've never read anythin

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    THREE ALPHAS—ONE OMEGAHaving read many Omegaverse books I will have to say; I freaking loved this one Dr Raven Kelley along with her team including Alix will leave the protective and drug enhanced suppressors to travel to the wilds to obtain a plant she needs in her research What happens when their steamship goes down an

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    This is Omegaverse if you don’t know what it is please take the time to look it up before you judge this book It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s DEFINITELY MineGrinsHeat Level 45Romance 355Drama 355If you can’t enj

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    Frenzy is a stand alone romance set with an Omegaverse setting so please see the warnings Raven is a top scientist working to discover a way to make a lasting inhibitor to their animalistic urges But her mission into the wilds has gone wrong and now Raven and Alix her colleague and friend are stranded with no inhibitor Raven is an omega something she’s always hidden and Alix is all alpha What will happen w

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    My my myThis is an extra steamyhot read at last an omegaverse reverse harem with no sword crossingsJust in case t

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