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Academy for three sisters cousins of the royal family Unfortunately Astrid Felissa and Sus are interested in hunting and fishing than becoming princessesAs Miri spends time with the sisters she realizes the king and ueen’s interest in them hides a long buried And just when I thought this book's ending couldn't

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The Forgotten Sisters

After a year at the king’s palace Miri has learned all about being a proper princess But the tables turn when the student must become the teacherInstead of returning to her beloved Mount Eskel Miri is ordered to journey to a distant swamp and start a princess Very fun Pre readingThe coverdoesn't match dies

Free download The Forgotten Sisters

Secret She must rely on her own strength and intelligence to unravel the mystery protect the girls complete her assignment and finally make her way homeFans of Shannon Hale won’t want to miss this gorgeously woven return to this best selling award winning seri Has it really been ten years since the first Prince

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    The Forgotten Sisters is a charming seuel to Princess Academy wrapping up that MG trilogy which I doubt was originally intended to be a series but it turned out pretty well Miri an older teen now is on her way from the capital city back to her mountain home when she is unexpectedly reuested commanded by the king and ueen to be the tutor for three royal girls living in a distant corner of Danland in a mini princess academy so one of them can marry a neighboring king from the country of Stora to avoid warMiri reluctantly travels to the province of Lesser Alva to take on the year long job and finds three illiterate destitute sisters living alone in a linder stone house in the middle of a swamp scraping by by fishing and hunting They're especially good at caiman wrestlingAll of the money to support Miri and the girls is being stolen by unscrupulous traders and the local village headperson To make matters difficult for Miri the three girls have little interest in becoming educated and cultured because that's going to be just so useful in the swamplands Turning them into princess material is going to be even tougher than Miri thoughtTo thicken the plot there's a pending invasion from Stora a neighboring countryThis is an enjoyable middle gradeYA adventure with some nice twists to the plot and some good life lessons Readers who liked Princess Academy should enjoy this one as well I didn't think it was uite up to the level of that first book but I enjoyed it than the second one Palace of Stone It looks like this is truly the end of this series but it ends on a really nice note

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    81018This is now the top review on Goodreads for this book and I'm so incredibly grateful that almost fifty people thought my hilarious review from middle school was worthy of praising This series still means so much to me but this being my most successful review on Goodreads after six years of steadfast writing makes me even emo about The Princess Academy 311516This finale was everything a fangirl could hope for Shannon Hale beautifully wrapped up such a treasured trilogy with a wave of her magic wand sending me into bittersweet tears She made it clear that this is the last book for this series and I will dearly miss the characters the world the overall story like I miss my dog Until the reread three fingered salute12614 So The synopsis provided is somewhat lacking in several aspects1 WHERE IS PEDER2 I am confused as to the whereabouts of Peder3 Where is Peder and why aren't they settled down with a family of a five? I mean I've shipped them since the goats in book one

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    Very fun Pre readingThe coverdoesn't match dies

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    Book 3Coming out 2015

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    And just when I thought this book's ending couldn't get any betterI go and read the Epilogue Fingers crossed this means we may be getting a spin off series? One can only hope

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    I had such mixed feelings about this last book I’m not uite sure how to review it ; So this will end up on a positive note I’ll start by listing the things I dislikedThings I Disliked1 It’s generally a darker book than the rest of the series between some of the disgusting things the Lesser Alvans do piratesbanditsraiders galore and the horribly sad mystery2 Mount Eskel was in dangeragain I unfortunately started this book off a little bored with the whole idea because I really love the Mount Eskel setting and was ready for Miri to go home The threat of war something weird about the royal family and bandits just felt repetitive3 The feminism was taken to a whole new level In the first book when it’s the educated academy girls helping their village learn better trading practices Proverbs 31 and even in the second one when they speak out in government I didn’t mind it as much as in this one Some of the plot devices the mystery even seemed contrived just to make sure it was the girls doing everything By the end of the book three of our girls are in government and the men are? Shown as cruel foolish weak or stepped down because it was a good idea view spoilerAnd why is Tutor Olana teaching prince academy? hide spoiler

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    Has it really been ten years since the first Princess Academy came out? I remember when my sister was this tiny little suirt and she begged me to read this new book she got by an author I'd never heard of at the time Shannon Hale Obviously with a title like Princess Academy I wasn't going to read it read it but lo and behold what I thought would be a book about pretty dresses and other such topics actually turned out to be a pretty good tale of strength friendship and accepting who you are Palace of Stone kind of lost its way but I'm glad Shannon Hale wrote this third book that brings closure to the series while staying true to the themes of the first bookPlus Miri kind of reminds me of someone ;

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    Wavering between 35 and 4 starsBefore I even picked up this book wellaudiobook I had seen reviews from a few fans of the Princess Academy series saying this third book was a little disappointing to them I tried not to let this taint my experience and I don't think it did but I can also still see why those people found it disappointing There wasn't nearly as much complexity to this one as the second one nor was the pace nearly as breathtaking which was a bit of a let down I think that was an unfortunate choice on the author's part because one expects a series to build on itself which should technically make the third book the most exciting of all but instead the beginning half at least may have had the slowest pace since the first book That said the second half of this book did pick up some and the majority of what I liked about the previous books the uarry speaking the emphasis on how important reading and education is Miri and Peder 3 was still there and the one thing I didn't like about the second book love triangle was gone entirely so that was all good There were also new things that I liked too The swamp culture was uniue and interesting the swamp girls were uirky feisty and funvery different from the Mount Eskel girls but I liked them because of their uniueness The big twist was also verytwisty pAnd I was not able to guess it before hand There was also a thing near the end that happened with Felissa and another character I can't say what it was because of spoilers but GAAAAH that was so cute XD Oh and I was also glad to see certain likable members of the royal family again and get depth on some of them in general So now that I've talked it out I think I will stick with 4 stars rather than 35 because while the pacing was not what it could have been and I can see how that was a disappointment for some people it didn't take away from the story enough that I didn't enjoy it or even ever found it boring shrug I really think listening on audio at double speed helped me avoid that in this case And the ending was also very sweet and satisfying so overall it was a good read for meOne uick critiue of the audiobook feel free to skip this if you don't care it's just a gripe about pronunciation Actually this critiue has to do with something in the audiobooks for all three Princess Academy books To put this in context it's important to know that all three audiobooks had different narrators and for the most part their pronunciation of different names and things was consistent between the three of themexcept in one very confusing case I not having read the physical books had no idea how to spell any of the names of any characters not mentioned in the books' descriptions here on Goodreads and therefore had no opinions on how the should be pronounced Therefore it was extremely confusing to have two of the narrators both say a certain name the same way and then have the third narrator say that name in a way that was so different it didn't even sound like it was spelled the same and I didn't realize this character was someone I knew until literally over halfway through the book facepalm In case you were wondering this character name was Katar I had to Google the Princess Academy wiki page to know how to spell it The narrators for the first two books pronounced her name so that I thought it was spelled like Catter Cat er or something like that Then the third narrator pronounced it like had I known how to spell it in the first place I would have assumed the name Katar would actually be pronounced KUH tar Of course not knowing how to spell or pronounce it I hear this narrator saying KUH tar and I honestly thought it was some random new character dude who took it upon himself Katar was mentioned so infreuently in this book that I don't remember the pronoun she being connected to her until about the 34 point in the book which was when I finally realized who she was to boss Miri around and I was like Dude who do you think you are bossing her around and being so grouchy with her and stuff Interestingly enough when I did finally realize it was the girl I previously thought of as Catter I was okay with her bossing Miri because that's just kind of the relationship dynamic they've always had LOL Anyway that gripe aside this audiobook was different from the previous two because it had only one narrator rather than a full cast but the narrator was good on her own and I still enjoyed it Content Advisory for those who want to know Violence The worst instance of violence in this book was when Miri witnesses the beheading of an unnamed character by soldiers It is described in a way that is emotionally impactful but not visual or graphic Basically all we the reader see is the sword raised over the poor man the sword falls there's a splash of the head falling into the water and then the next thing we see is blood on the sword Other violence includes a physical fight between an enemy soldier and a younger girl this girl challenged the soldier to the fight which he didn't want to do until she kept pushing in which the soldier tries to hit the girl and the girl headbutts him in the stomach A young female character is backhanded several times by a soldier and even pushed into a wall and breaks her collar bone The bone crunches and pain is describedA man tries to attack a girl with a knifeA girl thinking she's in danger kicks a man in the shins She is not actually in danger and he is unhurtThe girls who live in the swamp tend to have playful wrestling matches with each other in which there is much rolling around and pinning each other to the ground but no one is hurtThere are threats of violence throughout the book due to an impending war There are several close calls with swamp animals Someone gets bitten by a snake they fear is poisonous It isn't There is mention of a slain animal's blood darkening the swamp waterNote While not violent just like in the previous two books there is mention of loss of a parent and sadness over this I mention this because it is a middle grade book and I've occasionally seen really young kids get upset by themes of parental loss in fiction especially if they fear this already or have experienced the loss of a parent and I just want people to be aware if they are considering these books for their childrenSexual content Some hints at attraction between characters Maybe 4 or 5 instances of kissing either barely described or not described at allWorldviewSpirituality The Creator God is once again mentioned and in this book actually mentioned a bit often than in the previous two books but it is still not enough to be clear whether or not the author had a real world counterpart in mind The girls from the swamp seem to have a bit of a direct belief in and actually pray to the Creator God at one point when they are about to do something dangerous The first book in this series was the only other one to have a character pray and that was a very brief prayer and it was not mentioned to whom the individual was praying Chapels are again mentioned from time to time as a place where people in the various locals have a habit of visiting regularly and a betrothal ceremony occurs inside a chapel This was the first time I recall an event in these books happening inside one of the chapels rather than just passing mentions of the chapels without ever reading about what goes on inside

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    As with the other books in this series this book is a wonderful empowering non stereotypical princess novel for young girl readers and its flaws not fatal ones are the fact that things become so tidily tied together at the end and that Shannon Hale is very emphatic about her messages I don't mind these flaws so much though because it's nice in a book oriented towards this age group to see that people can live happily ever after even though it follows hardship and reuires work Also I don't mind the obvious messages so much because I agree with them In case you're curious the following messages pop out1 Education is the key to paving a better future both for the individual and for societyI think that this one is interesting because while education has clearly empowered Miri and improved life for her village she she struggles with feeling like her education and experiences separate her in some ways from her community which is realistic in the experience of first generation students and anyone who deviates from how things have always been done or ventures away I also appreciated that Hale touched upon the fact that education at least the fancy kind may seem useless in the face of poverty because there's no time for it when nearly all energy and willpower are dedicated to survival and it seems like life will continue that way indefinitely2 History is written by the winners Be skeptical of what you are told; think for yourselfThis is a powerful message to me especially for young readers who may or may not uestion the history that they are taught in school or think about how power structures and control of knowledgepropaganda shape opportunity In The Forgotten Sisters this is seen with respect to gender and silencing women3 Women are often silenced and belittled not because they're somehow inferior to men but because they're powerful and that power scares some peopleThis one is pretty obvious and it's said explicitly at least twice in the novel I appreciate how the girls' strength manifests differently in the different characters physical strength intuition sensitivity cleverness tenacity calmness and others The girls don't have to have mad martial arts skill to be considered strong as it seems like the trend is in middle grade and YA books lately although Astrid definitely is In this book it's demonstrated that there isn't one way to be strong although it is always a strength to have empathy4 Friendship with other girls is an assetThe only reason that the girls in the book succeed is because they work together

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    I didn't like this one as much as I liked the second one but it was still pretty good

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