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P her believing her to be a goddess incarnate She is however very human and consumed by erotic passions that have no outletInto this sacred city comes General Verlaine the rugged gladiatorial leade.

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Divine Torment

A tale of forbidden love from the talented author of the bestselling Cruel EnchantmentIn the ancient temple city of Mulhanabin the voluptuous Malia Shai awaits her destiny Millions of people worshi.

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R of the occupying army Intimate contact between Veraine and Malia Shai is forbidden by every law of their hostile peoples But she is the only thing he wants and he will risk everything to have her.

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    Not bad a naughty book with an actual story A fictional world but kind of EgyptianRomanIndian esue I saw things from all those cultures in it The Irolians lead by General Veraine come to Yamani city of Mulhanabin t

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    This was an okay black lace title not my favorite but certainly not as horrible as a few I've read It has a very pagan feel and takes place in the past and can get uite brutal at times The heroine of the tale is a goddess in human form and the hero a conuering alpha male Both will risk everything to possess each other I did a lot o

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