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A Sisters Secret

'I was nine and the big sister I wanted to keep her safe He basically promised me that if I let him abuse A Sisters PDF me he wouldn't touch my sister again' Debbie Grafham’s childhood had been far from normal but when.

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As to haunt her life and send her spiralling out of control But after nearly forty years of harbouring her shocking secret Debbie found the courage to tell her sister and together they made the decision to fight for justic.

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She was just nine years old her life changed forever Debbie discovered that her neighbour was abusing her younger sister Laraine – and there was a price to pay to make him stop Alone and scared she made a decision that w.

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  • 11 July 2019
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    This is a harrowing story of two sisters One older than the other The eldest being the protectorTheir father was a drunk he would go missing for days on end on his return he would beat up their mother When their mother was taken away they had to temporarily go into care They land at a home where a woman unsmil

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    Very good couldn't put it down also very sad😭

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