A Summer Remembered by Jason Milgram

A Summer Remembered by Jason MilgramEnter for a chance to win one of 100 first edition copies of A Summer Remembered (Council of Friends Book 2) by Jason Milgram! Council of Friends is a book series about multi-generational family and friendship, loss and grief, gun violence, the growth of divisive anger and hate we have allowed in our country, and a story of love and hope.

Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer

Instant Karma by Marissa MeyerEnter for a chance to win a finished copy of INSTANT KARMA by Marissa Meyer!

In New York Times bestselling author Marissa Meyer's young adult contemporary romance, a girl is suddenly gifted with the ability to cast instant karma on those around her – both good and bad.

Chronic overachiever Prudence Daniels is always quick to cast judgment on the lazy, rude, and arrogant residents of her coastal town. Her dreams of karmic justice are fulfilled when, after a night out with her friends, she wakes up with the sudden ability to cast instant karma on those around her.

Pru giddily makes use of the power, punishing everyone from public vandals to mean gossips, but there is one person on whom her powers consistently backfire: Quint Erickson, her slacker of a lab partner. Quint is annoyingly cute and impressively noble, especially when it comes to his work with the rescue center for local sea animals.

When Pru resigns herself to working at the rescue center for extra credit, she begins to uncover truths about baby otters, environmental upheaval, and romantic crossed signals—not necessarily in that order. Her newfound karmic insights reveal how thin the line is between virtue and vanity, generosity and greed . . . love and hate… and fate.

How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America by Kiese Laymon

How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America by Kiese LaymonEnter for your chance to win a copy of this reissue of Kiese Laymon's How To Slowly Kill Yourself And Others In America! It's releasing November 10 with six essays new to this edition and seven from the original, from the author of HEAVY, a “star in the American literary firmament, with a voice that is courageous, honest, loving, and singularly beautiful” (NPR).

Drive by Kelley Earnhardt Miller

Drive by Kelley Earnhardt  MillerEnter for a chance to win one of 25 copies of Drive: 9 Lessons to Win in Business and in Life from Kelley Earnhardt Miller!

Growing up as the daughter of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. and becoming one of the most influential women in professional sports, DRIVE is an inspirational, practical guide to success in business and life.

Become a stronger person and a more effective leader by facing the truth about your own life in a healthy way and then drive to the win!

Fairy Godmothers, Inc. by Saranna DeWylde

Fairy Godmothers, Inc. by Saranna DeWyldeEnter for your chance to win a copy of FAIRY GODMOTHERS, INC. by Saranna DeWylde!

If love is the source of all the magic in the universe, and the town of Ever After, Missouri, is the epicenter of enchantment, then the locals are in dire need of a reboot. At least according to resident fairy godmothers Petunia, Jonquil, and Bluebonnet. Their solution? Blow a bit of fairy dust in the direction of those in need of romance...what could possibly go wrong?

Lucky Fujiki's first name is a cosmic joke. Her luck is so bad, even the number seven steers clear of her. But when her adorable godmothers ask for a favor, Lucky can't say no--even if she can already feel the bad juju waiting to strike. And her mission is even worse than she imagined: to promote Ever After as a wedding destination by faking a marriage to her first love and long-time ex, Ransom Payne--he of the Embarrassing Incident that neither of them will ever live down...

Ransom Payne has spent years building an impressive new reputation for himself, and now his godmothers want him to pretend to wed the one girl he'd like most to forget? Sure, weddings in Ever After could be a huge boon for his chocolate business, but risking more up-close-and-personal time with Lucky? Considering the stakes, it's a curse he'll have to bear, at the risk of being humiliated--or perhaps, bewitched...

A ​Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa Tahir

A ​Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa TahirEnter to win a hardcover copy of A SKY BEYOND THE STORM by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sabaa Tahir!

(No PO boxes please)

Prepare for the jaw-dropping finale of Sabaa Tahir's beloved New York Times bestselling An Ember in the Ashes fantasy series, and discover: Who will survive the storm?

Picking up just a few months after A Reaper at the Gates left off...

The long-imprisoned jinn are on the attack, wreaking bloody havoc in villages and cities alike. But for the Nightbringer, vengeance on his human foes is just the beginning.

At his side, Commandant Keris Veturia declares herself Empress, and calls for the heads of any and all who defy her rule. At the top of the list? The Blood Shrike and her remaining family.

Laia of Serra, now allied with the Blood Shrike, struggles to recover from the loss of the two people most important to her. Determined to stop the approaching apocalypse, she throws herself into the destruction of the Nightbringer. In the process, she awakens an ancient power that could lead her to victory--or to an unimaginable doom.

And deep in the Waiting Place, the Soul Catcher seeks only to forget the life--and love--he left behind. Yet doing so means ignoring the trail of murder left by the Nightbringer and his jinn. To uphold his oath and protect the human world from the supernatural, the Soul Catcher must look beyond the borders of his own land. He must take on a mission that could save--or destroy--all that he knows.

Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Bridgerton by Julia QuinnRead it before you see it! Bridgerton comes to Netflix on 12/25. Daphne Bridgerton, the middle child of a close-knit family, has been unable to find a husband that sees her as anything more than a friend. While Simon Basset, the new Duke of Hastings, shuts most people out entirely. But as a duke, he’s one of the most desirable bachelors in London. In Daphne, his best friend’s sister, he sees an opportunity. If Daphne agrees to a fake courtship, Simon can deter the mamas who parade their daughters before him. Daphne, meanwhile, will see her prospects and her reputation soar.

The plan works like a charm—at first. But amid the glittering, gossipy, cut-throat world of London’s elite, there is only one certainty: love ignores every rule...

The Fatal Flying Affair by T.E. Kinsey

The Fatal Flying Affair by T.E. KinseyAugust 1911. Emily Hardcastle and her inimitable lady’s maid Florence Armstrong are enjoying a fine summer until Harry, Lady H’s brother, turns up out of the blue with a mystery for them to solve.

A routine parachute test at a local aeroplane factory has gone horribly wrong—with pilot Dickie Dupree plummeting to his death. Harry is certain there is more to this ‘tragic accident’ than meets the eye, having discovered that someone at the airfield is leaking top secret intelligence to foreign rivals.

In between strolls to the Dog & Duck and planning for the annual village show, the daring duo dust off the Crime Board and go undercover at Bristol Aviation. With international powers investing heavily in aeronautics, the stakes are high—sky high—and the suspects soon mount up.

Can Lady Hardcastle find the culprit before someone else falls down dead?

That Summer by Jillian Dodd

That Summer by Jillian DoddThat Summer is releasing November 24! Enter to win a paperback copy of this new release!

That Summer:

Devaney Diamond’s summer is shaping up to be the best one ever. Her longtime crush is finally interested.

Just when their relationship is getting started, she finds out she’s leaving on a three-week vacation. She’s not thrilled about being gone for that long, but she is looking forward to spending time doing nothing but getting a killer tan and hanging out with her lifelong best friend, Chase.

Chase is cute and sweet.
Smart and responsible.
And he’s always there when she needs him. If it wasn’t for their age difference, things might be different between them.

But when Chase returns home from football camp with new muscles and a new attitude, Devaney realizes something …
Chase Mackenzie is hot.

Will this be the summer Devaney and Chase fall in love, or will it be the summer when everything falls apart?

Sixty Days (Based On A True Story) by Hernán Jaén

Sixty Days (Based On A True Story) by Hernán JaénEnter for a chance to win 1 of 5 copies of Sixty Days by Hernán Jaén

For a successful forty-four year old businessman, a business trip turns out to be the worst experience of his life. Everything got more complicated when, among the people he met during the first two days after his arrival, nobody spoke English. However, he has to fight for the truth and for his dignity at all costs. Fortunately, he creates a strong bond with a young lawyer who believes in him and decides to support him with all his soul.

The end of a millionaire internet business.

The United States takes action outside its country and someone talks about it.
One of the largest operations in the history of Interpol and has nothing to do with narcotics

This story appeared in some of the largest newspapers in the world including The New York Times and The Times of India. The story is based on a real life legal issue that involves three countries ( The United States, India and Panama).

Acts of Faith by Martin Elsant

Acts of Faith by Martin ElsantEnter for a chance to win one of 100 Kindle edition copies of Acts of Faith by Martin Elsant. This book is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Winner as well as an NIEA Finalist and a Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner!

At an auto da fe in 16th century Portugal, Diego Lopes was chained to a stake and a pyre was lit. Then, according to both Christian and Jewish witnesses, he mysteriously disappeared in front of thousands of astonished spectators. The only point of contention was that the Christians believed he was so evil that he was dragged body and soul directly to hell, while the Jews believed he was so righteous that he was taken body and soul up to heaven.

What really happened? And can love, strong enough to cross a religious divide, survive the fires of the Inquisition? The answers to these questions are the story of Acts of Faith.

Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre

Every Last Secret by A.R. TorreWelcome to the neighborhood. Watch your husband, watch your friends, and watch your back.

Cat Winthorpe has worked hard to get what she has: a gorgeous home; social standing; and William, her successful, handsome husband. Then a friendly new couple moves into the estate next door. While cautious, a good neighbor like Cat greets them with open arms and warm hospitality.

Neena Ryder isn’t a fellow lady of leisure. A life coach with off-the-rack dresses, personal issues, and a husband who hasn’t delivered, she’s anxious to move up in the world. This beautiful new town is a step in the right direction. It’s also making Neena aware of what she doesn’t have. Namely, William. When Neena’s infatuation escalates into obsession, it’s just a matter of eliminating a few obstacles to get the life she wants. The life next door.

As Neena’s secret fixation grows, so does her friendship with Cat. But beneath their cordial interactions is a wealth of temptations, secrets, and toxic jealousy. For both women, the desire for a perfect life can turn perfectly dangerous.

Humankind by Brad Aronson

Humankind by Brad  AronsonWin 1 of 25 signed books

A national bestseller filled with true stories about how one small deed can make a world of difference. Lauded by Deepak Chopra & others.

“I think this might be the most beautiful book I’ve ever read” (NYT bestselling author Jane Green).

“The most uplifting and life-affirming book in years.”—Forbes

"Elegant and wise"—Deepak Chopra

Brad Aronson's life changed in an instant when his wife, Mia, was diagnosed with leukemia. He spent most of the next two and a half years either by her side as she received treatment or trying to shield their five-year-old son, Jack, from the worst of her illness. Amid the stress and despair of waiting for the treatment to work (which it did), Brad and Mia were met by an outpouring of kindness from friends, family and even complete strangers.

HumanKind is a celebration of those moments and so many others when a small act of kindness transforms a life. In its pages, you'll meet the six-year-old who launched a global kindness movement, the mentor who changed a child's life with a single conversation, the band of seamstress grandmothers who mend clothes for homeless people and many other everyday heroes.

HumanKind will touch your heart. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be reminded of what really matters.

In addition to the stories, Brad provides dozens of ways you can make a difference. He also lists resources that will help you to create positive change in your community & in your life, one small act at a time.